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Hot Desks

Find an open desk and get to work, any time of the day or night

Hot Desks are the best way to immerse yourself in the social innovation ecosystem! A Hot Desk package gives you more than 24/7 access to our fantastic spaces. It also gives you the opportunity to join a tight-knit community, to build your skills, and to connect with a national network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators.

For as little as $150/month, you can make CSI your home base and get all the perks of being a CSI Member. Drop in when you need a space to work, and take advantage of our networks, events, and people! Whether you’re a new founder or a systems changer, there’s a package for you.

Bring a friend! With our Lounge Pass, your guest can accompany you to work in our member-only lounges. And don’t forget – Members get 50% off Lounge Passes!

One person sits at the head of a long table in the fourth floor lounge at CSI Annex. They are working on a laptop. Ahead of them in the lounge is a wall with many plants.

“As a small, scrappy startup, we’ve had our share of ups and downs. What has remained consistent since we’ve joined CSI is the support we get from the community.”

— Awake Labs, CSI Member with a Hot Desk

Is a hot desk right for me?

You never know what — or who — might help you find your next customer, advisor, or investor. Working in a space with hundreds of other social ventures, non-profit organizations, artists, and entrepreneurs is the best way to build your network and make these connections!

Hot Desks are on-demand desks for those who carry their office with them. They’re perfect for freelancers, creatives, or anyone who is constantly on-the-go.

I'm Interested! What are my options?

We offer three Hot Desk packages, depending on how much coworking time you need:


HOT DESK 1 ($150/mo.)

If you’re going to be in and out of the CSI space, the HD1 package gets you one day a week of Hot Desk time PLUS 20 coins you can use toward booking meeting rooms, per month.


HOT DESK 2 ($250/MO.)

If you’ll be around a little more often, the HD2 package gets you two days a week of Hot Desk time PLUS 60 coins you can use toward booking meeting rooms, per month.


HOT DESK 3 ($375/mo.)

If you’re planning to spend some long days and nights working on your big idea, the HD3 package gets you unlimited Hot Desk time PLUS 120 coins you can use toward booking meeting rooms every month.

Every workspace package comes with a set amount of coins you can use to book meeting rooms. When you book your meeting room, you’ll be able to see how many coins it will require.

Get the best coworkers ever

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