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Hot Table

Hot Tables: An Office Without the Walls, One Day per Week

Your team works better when you work together. With a Hot Table at CSI, you can generate spontaneous ideas, share inside jokes, and grow your impact. You can be the serendipitous innovation that comes from just being together. 

You love being free of a long-term office lease, but still need a home base where you can get mail, and bring everyone together without facing new logistical planning every time. A Hot Table (the team version of a Hot Desk) is the best of both worlds. 

A Hot Table is workspace for six, two days a week. Get a full day with a dedicated Team Table, a dedicated workspace where you can spend the day working together as a team. Then, each member gets a second day of Hot Desking each week, so they can come in and work on their own terms. It’s a great value, like six Hot Desk 2 packages but 50% of the cost.

You’ll be at the centre of CSI’s coworking space, which means you’ll have unfiltered access to our secret sauce: community. The best ideas don’t happen in a silo. They could be sparked by a passing conversation, or the most mundane interaction. So grab your (free) coffee, take a seat, and watch the magic happen.

Plus, you get all the perks of being a CSI Member, like discounts on meeting rooms to impress investors or your board, entrepreneurship training to take your business to the next level, and networks that can spread the word about the good work you do.

$750/Month. Package Includes:

  • Six individual workspace packages. That’s workspace for six people, two days a week. A $1500 value.
  • Team Table one day a week
  • 200 Meeting Room Coins
  • 50% discount on additional meeting room hours 
  • $20 Lounge Passes if extra days are required
  • Mailbox included  

Good for: Medium sized teams that want to work together in-person, and come in one day on their own. 

Bring a friend! With our Lounge Pass, your guest can accompany you to work in our member-only lounges. And don’t forget – Members get 50% off Lounge Passes!

Two women sitting at a Team Table at CSI Annex, a coworking space in downtown Toronto.

Hybrid work has never been easier

Is a Hot Table right for me?

You never know what — or who — might help you find your next customer, advisor, or investor. Being in a coworking space with hundreds of other social ventures, nonprofits, innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs is the best way to build your network and make these connections!

Our Hot Table package is perfect for small teams who need to come together to collaborate and get some independent work time in, too.

Have questions? Email us at join[at]socialinnovation[dot]ca!