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CSI Canada welcomes a new Chair of the Board



CSI in Canada welcomes Marie Moliner as the new Chair of the Board. We also express our immense gratitude to Eric Meerkamper, one of CSI’s co-founders and Chair of the Board, for over a decade of service!

CSI Canada is guided and governed by a dynamic group of board members who bring their insights, wisdom and energy to the growth of this social enterprise.

Eric brought his strategic vision, passion and considerable business acumen to table. “We always saw the potential to harness the social capital in the community,” explains Eric. “CSI is truly a unique and wonderful place and group of people, and I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of it.” Under his leadership, the board guided the organization through expansion into four other Toronto locations and one in New York City. CSI has grown 40% per year since it was founded.

“Working with Eric has been seamless, practical and inspiring,” says co-founder and CEO Tonya Surman. “I will never forget crafting our Theory of Change together at the Peter Pan restaurant, literally on a napkin. He has brought a balance between structure and flow to the board, ensuring we didn’t sweat the small stuff and always boldly reminding us that ‘if we don’t take the risks, who will?’ Eric has been a co-conspirator extraordinaire. We are so grateful for his tremendous leadership all of these years.”

Eric continues in his professional role as President of RIWI Corp.—a global data capture company—and joins Margie Zeidler, Mary Rowe, Sandy Crawley and Jini Stolk on the CSI Emeritus Council.

Eric is passing the baton to an incredible leader, Marie Moliner, who has been on the CSI board since 2012. Marie is a public-sector entrepreneur, with 25+ years of proud public service. She is the Regional Executive Director for the Department of Canadian Heritage, where she focuses her work on building strong cultural and social infrastructure that enable Ontarians to actively participate in their communities.

“Over the past ten years I have marvelled at the magic created by CSI staff and members,” Marie enthuses. “As the new Board Chair, I am now more than a CSI groupie, I am a proud advocate, investor and ambassador for the CSI family. What a rush to be part of generating community wealth while changing the world, one infectious innovation at a time. It remains such a privilege to be at the table. I look forward to actively participating as CSI staff and members generate great ideas, execute them at the right time, in the right way, and, dare I say it, with LOVE!”

As Chair of the Board, Marie will be guiding CSI through its next stages of growth. It now operates 164,000 sq. ft of space with dozens of staff, partners and stakeholders, serving 800 social mission organizations. CSI will benefit tremendously from Marie’s depth of experience.

“We are so delighted to have Marie assume the role as chair, as much for her commitment to fun and creativity as for her profound commitment to ensuring that everyone is included,” says Tonya. “For years I have looked to Marie for her sage council, positive energy and rational and reasoned approach to things. She brings a strong focus on governance and accountability and is simply perfect as the next chair of the CSI board.”

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