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The Mind Bomb Room at CSI



Do you know who Bob Hunter is?

If you don’t, you should! He “mind bombed”’ the world in the 70’s and essentially brought environmental activism to the media, forever altering the way that the masses perceive environmental issues.

Bob Hunter, co-founder of Greenpeace, was a true Canadian social innovator who fundamentally shifted the mind space of the planet. This incredible man brought his ideas, courage and rage to bear in defending the seas, the whales and the planet.  He was willing to stand up for what he believed and put his body in the way of what he was fighting for. He cleverly used the power of media to craft his campaigns and influence the way that people perceived the issues that mattered to him. The tactics of Greenpeace shifted the power dynamic, creating a mass media voice that was able to put a spotlight on corporate and government abuses. Bob and the Greenpeace co-founders were able to create a new public accountability – he gave eyes to the masses to see what governments and corporations were doing.

The Centre for Social Innovation honours Bob Hunter as a quintessential Canadian Social Innovator.

Bob was just a citizen; a journalist who saw things, was furious at what he saw, and took action to bring about change.  This frustration – rage – is often the source that drives social entrepreneurs to make change.   Fundamental to the social innovation process is the fight against the status quo. For systems change to take place, a power imbalance needs to be shifted, and it is the role of the social innovators to craft a new way of making the system work. Bob did this. He introduced a new element: the Mind Bomb.

Mind Bomb: a powerful image or video that sends shockwaves across the planet, transforming hearts and minds.

We stand upon the shoulders of those that have gone before us.  The environmental activists of the 70’s and 80’s elevated the conversation about environmental issues, clearing a path for the amazing eco-entrepreneurship that we see today. From waste-free, toxic-free lunches to solar panels, greenbelts to species protection, we recognize the sacrifices and honour those that have moved the needle towards a more just, healthy and sustainable world.

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