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How to be an Ally for Muslim Individuals and Communities

For years, Ed opened his doors to immigrant families, hosted street parties and gave away free turkeys. Now it’s time for us to carry the torch through all of our city and community building initiatives, starting with Toronto for Everyone this February 23-26, 2017.

Toronto for Everyone is the city we want to co-create. A place where we all belong, where we can see ourselves–our cultures, our ideals, our history–in the very fabric of our city. We believe that Toronto can be the global model for inclusivity, community and social innovation. Honest Ed’s may be closing its doors, but Ed’s legacy is his unique ability to foster community can carry on.

In light of recent events, many people are asking “what can I do?” To help, we want to share this tipsheet to on how to be an ally to Islamic communities under threat. This sheet was developed by Rania El Mugammar and CSI as a result of How to be an Ally: Islamophobia at the Intersections in November 2016. Thanks to Inspirit Foundation for helping us produce this tipsheet.

It takes all of us to stand up to injustice – to listen deeply, to learn constantly, and to speak up when appropriate. We hope that this resource can be used to help guide you in your workplace, on the streets, and in your homes where change takes root.

Our hope is that you’ll share this widely and empower your networks with these key learnings.

In solidarity,
CSI, and Rania El Mugammar and the Toronto for Everyone Team

A full transcript of this event is available here.

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