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[Media Release] Ontario’s new “one stop shop” for social entrepreneur funding, support

Lisa Amerongen

Lisa Amerongen

Director of Communications

Toronto – July 12, 2017-

Today the Centre for Social Innovation and over 30 partner organizations across Ontario are launching Soshent’s goal is to become a “one stop shop” digital platform for social entrepreneurs and social mission organizations looking for programs, funding and supports.

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“Right now social-mission organizations can’t find what they need,” says Heather Farquharson, Director of Partnerships at the Centre for Social Innovation. “With you could enter: ‘I’m a non-profit, urban farm, looking for grants, volunteers, and pitch competitions.’ hit search, and Soshent will give you a list of opportunities that match. You can apply to any or all of them right on the spot. We think it’s going to save everyone a lot of time and get these great tools into the hands of the people who need them.”

The demand for, the first platform of its kind in Ontario, came from Ontario’s growing social enterprise sector. Now it has the potential to benefit the thousands of social mission organizations that operate in the province.

“Social entrepreneurs have the ideas and talent to create successful businesses,” says Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Growth. “By supporting programs like this through our Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund, we are accelerating the growth of promising social enterprises, helping to scale their impact and supporting stronger communities.”

The platform is open to new partner organizations with the goal of representing the entire ecosystem of intermediaries in Ontario: including accelerators, competitions, grants, training programs, fellowships, and more. Over time, it could grow into a national platform for Canada’s social sector. has been developed with the support of the Government of Ontario’s Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund, the City of Toronto, Economic Development and Culture Division, and TD Bank Group.

You can see the platform at

For more information, contact Jamie Biggar, Director of Communications and Campaigns, + 778-847-8205

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