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Your story could shape federal policy

A great story can spread knowledge. It can connect people. It can change minds.

It can sometimes even shape legislation and policy. Like right now.

The Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-Creation Steering Group and the Government of Canada are collecting stories right now that answer the following questions:

  1. Have you seen or done something new, innovative or creative in your community or workplace to address a social problem?
  2. Have you seen any improvements that you think are worth sharing?

If you are reading this (especially if you are one of our members) we know you have fantastic answers to both of those questions. If you take some time to share those answers, they could inform a national strategy to strengthen communities through social innovation and social finance.

More background here:

To better inform the development of the Strategy, the Steering Group has launched an online consultation to hear about new and innovative ideas in communities and regions across Canada.

We want to enable and support communities and organizations to advance new and innovative approaches to persistent social problems.

The overall goal is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable Canadians, and help our communities and regions thrive and flourish in an inclusive and sustainable way. This means helping all Canadians access good jobs and homes, healthy food and strong social connections.

Does that sound like work you or your organization or social enterprise are doing? Then submit a document, photo or video to share your ideas or success stories!

The consultation ends January 31.

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