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18 in 2018: Karine Makhijani Malagon of EM-ONE Energy Solutions

2017 was a year of fighting the good fight, and our members had many meaningful wins that created real impact. They secured grants, hired more employees, and had big, productive collaborations with each other.

We chatted with 18 of them to hear about some of their goals for 2018 and get the lowdown on their great 2017 memories. We’re going to spend the rest of the year telling you about what they had to say.

Next up is Karine Makhijani Malagon, Business Coordinator for EM-ONE Energy Solutions.

EM-ONE is a Canadian engineering firm specializing in the provision of end-to-end energy solutions in sustainable energy systems, electricity infrastructure and energy access to African markets. Growing up in Nigeria, EM-ONE’s founder Mir knows that inadequate infrastructure and limited access to power can restrict economic growth and opportunity. Mir was inspired to use innovations in technology to leapfrog traditional energy access barriers to empower poor communities.

What was your biggest accomplishment of 2017?

Our biggest accomplishment of 2017 was the completion of Borno Solar Hospitals Phase 1, a turnkey project sponsored by the UK’s Department of International Development. This project sees the design, engineering, procurement, construction and installation of hybrid solar systems in three key general hospitals in Borno State in a region of Nigeria has been heavily impacted by Boko Haram terrorism. We are currently executing the scaling up of a project providing solar systems to five additional general hospitals in the region.

18 in 2018 is an ongoing series to let you know what our members are working on this year. Have your own idea for how to change the world? Become a CSI member today!

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