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Our CEO Tonya Surman gives Jim Green Memorial Lecture

Social innovation is at a cross-roads, and our founding CEO Tonya Surman has some big questions about that. Like how will social innovation embrace and build on the social justice movements of the past? Will we be able to move to action while holding the space for the real conversations that need to happen?

Watch the 2018 Jim Green Memorial Lecture to get Tonya’s take on these questions (and a lot more).

Jim Green (May 25, 1943 – February 28, 2012) was an American-Canadian dual citizen who was a longshoreman, taxicab driver, community activist, non-profit housing developer, municipal politician, university instructor, and development consultant. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Green moved to Canada to avoid being drafted for the Vietnam War. Green completed a Masters in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina, and studied at the Sorbonne, the Millennium Film Institute in New York, and the University of Colorado. During the 1980’s, he was Executive Director of the Downtown Eastside Residents Association. He served in numerous roles in the provincial government in community economic and social housing development. In 2002, he was elected to Vancouver City Council. He was one of the leading forces behind the Woodward’s redevelopment, completed in 2010.

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