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Eight great opportunities waiting for you on Soshent!

No matter what stage you are at with your social enterprise, you can probably use some support; we all can. CSI exists to both offer and facilitate that support. We facilitate idea exchange, network development and capacity building through our programming and events.

We also partner with other organizations to create resources to help our members accelerate their impact. One of those resources is, a one-stop-shop for people looking for funding, mentorship, and more!  By simply filling out a short profile, you can discover the programs and resources you may be eligible for.

To give you a sense of what is waiting for you on Soshent, we’ve pulled out a few of the dozens of opportunities currently available on the site:

1. Alterna Savings
Community Microfinance Program

Larger financial institutions often have trouble fitting small, or ‘micro’ businesses in to their lending criteria. Alterna’s Micro Finance Program is different. We place greater emphasis on the character, commitment and abilities of our borrowers. Depending on the program, loans range from $1,000 to $25,000 at competitive interest rates. Target groups include (1) low income individuals, (2) women entrepreneurs, (3) social entrepreneurs/enterprises, (4) new Canadians and individuals transitioning to the work force, and (5) skilled professionals and trades. We also support the Toronto Enterprise Fund’s Mixed Cap program, CSI’s Catapult Loan Fund and the Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED)’s loan program for social enterprise.

Type of Support: Financial

2. Pillar Nonprofit Network
VERGE Capital – Social Enterprise Loan Fund

VERGE helps social enterprises (nonprofit, for-profit and cooperatives) bring their business ideas to fruition through access to capital ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 in debt investment. VERGE operates a Social Enterprise Loan Fund, in partnership with Libro Credit Union, to provide loans to early stage, high growth social enterprises on the verge of a breakthrough. The program leverages our growing entrepreneurship eco-system to create wraparound supports before, during and after financing, by providing expertise on legal structure, business planning, impact measurement, and market knowledge.

Type of Support: Financial

3. Tapestry Community Capital
Community Bonds

Non-profits, charities, co-ops and social entrepreneurs are increasingly seeking innovative ways to finance social ventures – from purchasing or upgrading a building, to developing a social enterprise, or building a renewable energy project. If you’re ready to grow your social venture, but you’ve been having difficulties accessing traditional sources of funding, Community Bonds can be a great tool to help you “bridge the gap” to get to the next crucial stage of growth. And, for a social venture, growth means success for your business AND a positive impact on the greater community! We offer a free 40-minute info seminar about the benefits of a Community Bond, how it works, and considerations for planning a Community Bond Campaign – check out our website for details or contact us at

Type of Support: Financial; Mentorship and Coaching; Experts, Consultants, and Advisory Services

4. MEC Outdoor Nation
MEC Outdoor Nation Grants

You’re serious about change, and so are we. If you have a great idea to get a bigger, more diverse crew of 18–35 year olds outside, we want to hear about it. We might even help support it via gear donations (up to $500 in retail value), rental gear and gift cards. Apply now and make it happen.

Type of Support: Financial

5. Rise Asset Development
Peer Supported StartUp Program

The Peer Supported StartUpProgram (PSSP) is a free program that provides educational, business advisory and volunteer mentorship support to individuals who have a business idea but no plan yet. The The program offers a combination of classroom instruction (5 weeks on how to prepare a business plan) and 6 months of mentorship.

Type of Support: Education & Training

6. Centre for Social Innovation
CSI Hookup

CSI Hookup is a free, member-powered service designed to connect individuals needing advice with CSI members who are experts in design, strategy, legal, governance, equity, funding, marketing, impact measurement, technology or personal resilience. The service is available to any member through our Intranet network. Find out more about this and the many other benefits of membership.

Type of Support: Mentorship and Coaching; Experts, Consultants, and Advisory Services

7. Digital Main Street
Starter Company Plus – StarterSpace @Crossways

StarterSpace @Crossways provides a space for Ontario Works clients to build and grow their businesses.

If you are an Ontario Works client looking to start a business, StarterSpace @Crossways can provide the following support:

– A grant of up to $3,500 towards starting your business
– Assistance in developing your Starter Company Plus application.
– One-on-one business advisory services
– Co-working space with access to computers, internet and meeting rooms

StarterSpace @Crossways is a place to build your business, while engaging knowledgeable support and networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Type of Support: Financial

8. CatalystsX
Financial Literacy Training

We offer free basic online financial literacy for changemakers – for-profit, non-profit, anywhere in between on our website! Additionally, we are soon launching a pilot program with experts in various areas of financial literacy for anything you’d like a bit of vetted guidance on. We also can do workshops for those who are interested! We deliver in-person, online, or can provide slides and a facilitators’ package.

Type of Support Education and Training; Experts, Consultants, and Advisory Services
Eligibility Criteria: Anyone who needs help with finances

Want to apply to any of these opportunities? Want to see what else you might be eligible for?
Check out Soshent today!

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