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Seven fun summer programs offered by CSI Members!

Do you have summer activities planned for your kids yet? If not, we’ve got you covered. In their own words, here is a list of seven great programs being offered by CSI members. Activities range from no-tech (learning the ukulele!) to high-tech (learning javascript!)

1. Project Canoe – Wilderness Canoe Trips

Project Canoe runs wilderness canoeing programs and urban programming for youth aged 13-18. The Wilderness Canoe Program focuses on basic canoeing and camping skills, environmental awareness, and the development of valuable social and leadership skills such as co-operative decision making, team work and conflict resolution. While on trip, we aim to create an environment in which youth will be comfortable learning new skills and gaining the necessary skills for dealing with conflict and other difficulties they may face in their day-to-day lives. Our goal is to create a distinctive learning experience that our youth will carry with them throughout their lives.
Age range: 13 to 18
Dates: June 29 to August 29
Location: Algonquin Park
Cost: $500 for 5-day trip, $800 for 8-day trip, with full & partial subsides available

2. Project Kids & Cameras – Summer Photography Camps

Our fun, hands-on summer photo camp program is run in partnership with Back Lane Studios, where campers can choose to combine half-day photo sessions with half-day stop-motion and Crafts & Movie-making, and documentary filmmaking classes. All cameras and materials supplied.
Age range: 9 to 13
Dates: July 30 to August 3
Location: Back Lane Studios, 9 Neepawa Avenue, Toronto, ON
Cost: $175

3. STEAMLabs – STEAMLabs Summer Camps for Kids & Youth

STEAMLabs has STEM Summer Camps running every week in July and August at multiple locations for a fun summer full of making! We’ve got different themes for all ages including: Robotics, Minecraft Pro, Video Game Programming and even a camp just for girls! Kids & youth are empowered to follow their interests to build their own projects, while discovering new technical skills in coding, woodworking, electronics and programming.
Age range: 6 to 17
Dates: July 1 to August 31
Location: STEAMLabs will be delivering our signature Summer Camps at our downtown makerspace (192 Spadina Ave), The Toronto Tool Library Danforth (1803 Danforth Ave) and The Maker Bean Cafe’s new 1052 Bloor St. West location.
Cost: 1 week camp / $565 & 2 week camp / $995

4. Charlie’s FreeWheels – Kids Bike Camp, Build-a-Bike, Learn to Ride

Charlie’s FreeWheels is hosting four different bike camps this summer! Kids Programs (6-11 year olds): Learn to ride bikes on Saturday mornings at the Regent Park Athletic Grounds, OR have fun learning to fix bikes at our Kids Bike Camp. Youth Programs (12-25 year olds): Build-a-Bike in the CFW workshop and keep it at the end of the program! We’ll also provide all participants with bells, lights and a lock at the end of the 2-week Build-a-Bike program. Or ride with a group every week by signing up for our Advanced Ride Program! (all skill levels welcome!)
Age range: 6-11 & 12-25
Dates: July 1 to August 31
Location: 242.5 Queen St. E
Cost: Free

5. SuprAcademy – Coding Camp

This summer, we invite kids to join us as we explore the world of web and computer programming through fun, interactive coding camps. During the coding camps, students are introduced to programming fundamentals, exposed to software and web development tools and make use of languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make and work on their own websites. Students will also be using small, inexpensive and programmable computers to work on interest-based projects that will encourage them to continue programming beyond the coding camp period. In addition to the daily coding lessons and projects, students will also participate in a field trip where they get to make a connection between programming as a theory to the real world of programming. The field trips involve visiting STEM-inspired workspaces with particular emphasis on computer/web programming.
Age range: 10 to 14
Dates: July 9 to July 13
Location: CSI Annex – 720 Annex
Cost: $345

6. Walrus Arts & Culture – Private music lessons and Intercultural music workshops for group setting

Sevda Basarir is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and music teacher & performer with extensive teaching experience. He teaches piano, guitar, ukulele (and more!) customizing each lesson according to each student’s personality, interest and musical goals.
Age range: All ages
Dates: July 1 to August 31
Location: 134 Carlton street or 585 Dundas Street (or in your home)
Cost: $40 per hour or $150 per session

7. Codezilla Kids – Codezilla’s Totally Awesome Tech + Coding Camps

*Assemble a 4′ tall space pod! * Play music using slime and circuits! * 3D print your own miniature toy! * Create doll accessories using recycled materials! * Code an interactive video game! And waaaay more! Codezilla’s one-of-a-kind camps are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, creativity and problem solving. Our small-size camps help nurture teamwork and friendship while ensuring lots of one-on-one attention for each child. Includes lots of outdoor play and exercise.
Age range: 6 – 14
Dates: July 9 to August 31
Location: 729 St Clair Ave W
Cost: $440 (subsidies available)

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