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“Friendship has been the central theme to my CSI experience.”

Today is International Friendship Day, so we reached out to some of our Online Community Members to see how the friendships they are making at CSI are impacting their lives and businesses.

We love this story submitted by Matt Parson, CEO and Founder of Benji.

“Friendship has been the central theme to my CSI experience. There have been many connections I’ve developed as a Community Member, but one that stands out has been Carl Mascarenhas from JoeZoo. Last year, I took a leap of faith and decided to exit my last start-up (RED Academy) and launch an EdTech company (Benji). We saw an opportunity in the education market that we just had to pursue, even though we were very green to the technology space.

As a fledging tech entrepreneur there was much I had to learn. Thankfully, during my time at the CSI I met Carl. He has been a friend and a mentor to me sharing war-stories, connections to the EdTech community in Toronto, and a tremendous amount of guidance over the past year and a half.

The common bond of being in the CSI provided us the context to establish a meaningful relationship. That connection has been invaluable during the highs and lows that invariably come with launching your own venture.”

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