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Earth Day at Climate Ventures: Meet some of our members!

The Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures is a coworking space, community, and incubator for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders working on climate solutions and climate justice, with over 50+ ventures and 35 expert advisors. Spend some time this Earth Day getting to know some of our members!

Ross Green – Apricity Renewables
We are a Canadian professional engineering firm specializing in solar PV, energy storage, and microgrids.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Winning several large energy storage projects.

We need help with: Finding ways to be more than just an engineering consulting firm.

Christal Earle – Brave Soles
Brave Soles are handmade shoes with recycled tire soles. We are female owned, ethically produced and globally inspired.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Upcycling over 1,000 truck tires for the soles of our shoes.

We need help with: Finding more efficient, economical ways to get our shoes out to the world in greater numbers.

Andrew Simpson – Ecotone Software consulting
We transform your company’s enterprise data into actionable sustainability strategies, and provide CRM solutions for clients in cleantech to better manage their marketing and sales processes.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Helping CSI implement their CRM!

We need help with: Finding more customers in cleantech and property management.

Ani Dever –
We are the new generation crowdsourcing platform for community-owned renewable energy assets.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: We received our initial investment from our business incubator.

We need help with: Customer reach, discovery, and awareness.

Jim Colthart – EnerSysNet

We will develop small biorefineries to convert forest waste to renewable biofuels, producing large volumes of liquid hydrocarbons to displace fossil fuels and reduce emissions.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: We received our first grant.

We need help with: We’re looking for help making it to $10M in our seed round.

Ben Walters – Feedback
We are a mobile platform that allows customers to access great food for less while reducing food waste by offering time specific promotions.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: We won 3rd place in CSI’s Agents of Change pitch competition!

We need help with: We’d love more users! Download our Feedback app and begin ordering your lunches through it today!

Ryan Fukunaga – Free Geek Toronto
We are making our city a place where everyone has access to affordable technology, and where electronic waste is disposed of responsibly.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: We exceeded our reuse and diversion goal.

We need help with: We are always looking for more unwanted tech!

Tim Nash – Good Investing
We teach people about investment basics, and empower people to manage their own money in a way that aligns with their values.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Landing a regular TV appearance on BNN’s Market Call and a weekly column on the Corporate Knights website.

We need help with: Determining how quickly to scale and how to do it!

Steven Hobé –
Hobé Hosokowa Marketing
We use Consumer Behaviour Theory to help organizations change minds and embrace a sustainable future.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Working with three First Nations communities to publicize their solar power project.

We need help with: Our aim is to highlight the work being done in each community, if you see a post of ours, please share!

Robert Jarvis – Just Be Woodsy
We are connecting urban furniture buyers to local woodworkers, woodworkers to local wood, and communities to the urban forest.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Saving a massive 150-year-old silver maple stump from being ground into wood chips (see the table at Climate Ventures!), and making over 50 desks for CSI.

We need help with: Need a table, desk or anything else made from wood? Use local Toronto wood. Contact us!

Natasha Freidus – NeedsList
NeedsList is a “needs registry” for refugees and displaced persons in crisis. Donors purchase supplies for a vetted list of the most effective aid-groups working globally.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Funding for chatbot to help people connect to aid-groups.

We need help with: Getting additional members onto our platform.

Eva Greff –
TO Food Market
Our mission is to reduce the impact of businesses on the environment through sustainable business practices and energy conservation.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: In collaboration with Evergreen farmers market, we are launching an online market box.

We need help with: Check out our website, spread the word, and sign up for our newsletter.

Jessica Correa –
Random Acts of Green
Random Acts of Green advertises for our clients utilizing our engaging and empowering brand to showcase environmental initiatives.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Official launch of the Random Acts of Green App across Canada. Download it now!

We need help with: Drafting contracts and securing bids for larger organizations.

Daniel Bida – ReGenerate BioGas
We co-develop locally-owned biogas plants, creating more integrated waste, energy, and food systems.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Being awarded a large capital grant from ECCC to partially fund onsite biogas plants.

We need help with: Working capital financing to deliver the projects, refinement of the sales model, and sales leads.

Steven Bourne –
Ripple Farms
We are a leader in urban agriculture, utilizing sustainable, high-tech vertical farms to provide Toronto’s top restaurants with hyper-local greens and seafood all year.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Getting $250K from Weston Food Fund for biotech research and development.

We need help with: Spreading the word about urban farming. Book a workshop!

Alexandra Tavasoli – Solistra
We convert greenhouse gases into value-added products like plastics or fuels using solar-activated nanomaterials known as “photocatalysts”.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Our interns! They are great!

We need help with: Like so many social enterprises, we could always use help with fundraising.

Dihan Chandra – The Spent Goods Company
We transform food waste into value: used coffee grinds into clothing, and brewer’s waste into bricks, animal feed, and mushroom farms.

Our biggest win of 2019 so far: Winning 2nd place in CSI’s Agents of Change pitch competition, and securing key partners in four retail locations.

We need help with: Consider how your food choices impact the climate, and check out our products at these retailers.

Are you looking for an action to take this Earth Day? Book a tour of Climate Ventures!

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