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Peekapak is supporting social-emotional learning across the country

CSI member Peekapak uses stories and games to teach social and emotional skills like gratitude, empathy, respect and teamwork — in the classroom and at home. The company was one of the first recipients of CSI’s Catapult Loan, which enables social entrepreneurs and innovators to grow their world-changing enterprises with access to capital as well as our existing programming and services.

Within a few years, over 12,000 educators were using Peekapak’s award-winning education technology. They are now partnering with educational publisher Nelson to develop and deliver educational resources to support social-emotional learning in schools across the country.

As reported by Betakit:

Through the partnership, Peekapak is an engaging series of levelled readers that integrate with literacy, reading, writing, and health outcomes. The series explores 10 social and emotional learning themes at four reading levels, making it flexible and accessible for any pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms.

Programs are based on research to ensure that users can get the most of Peekapak’s platform. The series explores 10 social and emotional learning themes at four reading levels, aiming to make the program flexible and accessible for pre-kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms.

Full article here.

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