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Throwback Thursday: Ten years of social innovation!

We’re about to start a new decade, and we already have so many big dreams for it! But before we jump into 2020, we wanted to take a quick look back at the last ten years at CSI. There are countless stories to share, so no collection of photos could ever give a true picture of all that we’ve accomplished together over the last ten years. But here is a tiny sampling of some of our favourite memories:

Man holding a chalkboard sign. The sign says "Social Change is... better solutions through better dialogue"

CSI staff member Karim and two women smiling for the camera at a party

CSI CEO Tonya Surman smiling and waving at the camera, along with future CCO Shona Fulcher at a party.

Group of 3 CSI members at a launch event for the Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund

A pile of bricks lined up along a table, with names written on them. A sign says "Founders Bricks".

A small crowd of people posing for the camera in a small room.

Black and white photograph of a woman hula hooping.

Small group of people in a room looking towards the camera. CSI staff are included in the photo.

Tonya and Yunus sitting on a couch.

Dave and Linda kissing

We can’t wait to spend the next ten years working with our community to put people and planet first! If you want to be a part of it, become a CSI member today!

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TWO MPSs at the IRP Funding Announcement
"The Centre for Social Innovation provides a co-working space in Toronto for people who want to change the world. With 2000+ members working hard to make the world more sustainable and to fight inequality, CSI is helping grow and develop the social finance sector in Canada. " - The Honourable Karina Gould
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