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Earth Tech ventures on Earth Day 2020

Lisa Amerongen

Lisa Amerongen

Director of Communications

International quarantine efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 have made this is a pretty unusual Earth Day. Factory closures and and fewer cars on the road have seen air quality improving around the world. At the same time, Inger Andersen — the head of the UN Environment Programme — cautions us against celebrating environmental improvements that come on the back of tragic economic slowdown and human distress.

Anderson instead calls instead for a profound, systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. This perspective is echoed in a recent op-ed in the National Observer by Foresight CEO Jeanette Jackson and CSI’s Director of Programs Barnabe Geis. The two point out that we now have the chance to create a green economy powered by clean energy and enabled by clean technology.

One way CSI’s Climate Ventures is working to build a New Green Economy is through Earth Tech, a six-month accelerator for those working on climate or freshwater technology solutions that will positively impact communities and ecosystems across Canada.

We reached out to Earth Tech participants to ask them what’s motivating them during these trying times, and what’s one positive thing they hope will come out of this crisis. We found their answers informative and inspiring.

Arian Shahnazari of Biopolynet:

Patricia Gomez of Clean Nature:

Sugeevan Shanmuganathan of Dunya Habitats:

Amir Hoss of EAIGLE

Bryce Jones of Flash Forest:

Andrew Lee of Innovia GEO Corp:

Kevin Jakiela of Just Vertical:

Jake Miller of Project Neutral:

Jane Ji of Springbay Studio Ltd.:

Ross Armstrong of Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives:

Amir Pahlevanpour of Volta Technique:

Kat Kavanagh of Water Rangers:

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