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We’re Open! Learn How COVID Safety is #UpToUs



*** UPDATE: Please note that effective January 4th, CSI Spaces are once again closed to public access, but remain accessible to CSI Members via key fob. We will update this page as more information becomes available. 

Welcoming You BACK SAFEly  

The community is back! As of September 7, all CSI spaces are staffed, doors are open to our community, and together we’re bringing the life and magic back into our community. Read more about our upcoming community events, rituals, and renovations here. 


As always, CSI Members who rent workspace have 24/7 access to their home building using their electronic card pass. Visitors and CSI Members without workspace are now able to enter the space using the unlocked ground floor entrances during business hours. Site team staff are on location Monday – Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.


Following the recommendations of Dr. Eileen de Villa (Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health) and the Ontario Health and Safety Act guidelines, and to keep everyone as safe as we can, we have implemented a double vaccination requirement for entry to the CSI buildings. 

We require that everyone over 12 years old has received two approved COVID-19 vaccinations 14 days prior to entering any CSI spaces. All CSI members and their staff are able to register their vaccination status one time by showing valid proof of vaccination, after which they can use their card pass to enter the buildings freely. Anyone who has not already registered proof will be asked to when entering through the unlocked doors during operating hours. 

We understand that some people have recognized medical barriers to receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Those with valid proof of exemption can speak with a space manager about their options.


Masks are required to be worn when in space whenever you are moving. The only exception to the mask requirement policy is when you are seated at your workstation or when eating in the designated eating spaces in the lounge.

For meeting rooms, lounges, and shared spaces in general please follow this simple rule: if people are talking, there must be a barrier between them. That barrier can be a mask or it can be one of our transparent partitions. If you need extra partitions, please let site team staff know.


We look forward to the days when these additional risk measures will no longer be necessary, and until then, we will continue to work together as a community to keep our vulnerable populations and our community healthy.

In the meantime, we are happy to say that CSI spaces feel alive and thriving. Check our Instagram to see what’s happening; sign-up for our newsletter to get the scoop on the impact our members are making and to stay on top of sector job postings and events; and of course, if you’re working to make social change and want to have fun doing it, join us! 

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