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We’re Reopening March 1! Spring into Community with CSI

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re so thrilled to welcome our members, meeting room bookers, and their guests back to our spaces as of Tuesday, March 1.

Our teams at CSI Spadina, CSI Annex, and the Community Living Room at Regent Park are ready to help plant the seeds of your ideas, stories, and solutions for social change — and watch them bloom. Whether you miss engaging beverages and banter with colleagues or working from the comfort of our comfy couches, we’re excited to bring our community animation back to full capacity while ensuring that the member experience in our spaces remain safe, productive, enriching – and best of all, fun! If you haven’t already, you should join us!

As proud catalysts for social change, our ultimate focus is always community and connection. Our coworking spaces have been at the heart of our community, and each person that walks through our doors is part of the pulse that keeps us going.

For the last two years we’ve fostered safe and productive spaces where people have been continuously returning, reconnecting, and rebuilding — a testament to the tenacity of our members. Caring for each other is at each of our cores, so we’re committed to ensuring our members, guests, and our extended network are safe is priority number one. For more information on our public health policies please check out our website.

Accessibility rampMain area of the community living room, with 4 large tables. Glass windows let in a lot of sunshine.Annex kitchen

Questions? We thought you might have a few common ones: 

What kind of health precautions does CSI have to keep everyone safe?

Our staff regularly sanitizes high-touch areas such as desks, mail area, kitchens, washrooms. Workspaces have been configured to create additional space between people. To protect our community, we ask that members take additional steps where possible, such as respecting physical distancing, using partition screens, washing or sanitizing hands often, and sanitizing areas after use.

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Yes! We pride ourselves in how much we care about each other. We are a fully vaccinated workplace, and comply with public health measures, thus we ask that everyone who enters our spaces to have at least two doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine.

What about masks? (UPDATED MARCH 20th) 

Recently, the Province of Ontario has indicated that it will lift masking mandates for schools, bars, and businesses on March 21st. In addition to the upcoming provincial changes to mandatory masking, last week, Toronto City Council amended the Mask Bylaw, so that it expires when the Province lifts most masking requirements on March 21. At the same time, Council affirmed its support for residents to choose to wear a mask, even in the absence of regulations requiring mask wearing.

CSI’s Next Steps:

After careful consultation with our members and stakeholders, and as with our vaccination requirements, CSI will be maintaining our mask mandate in most spaces past March 21st.

We will review this policy again in May. During this transitional period, masking expectations will be lifted within meeting rooms during private events. We will be using this transition time to understand what level of response our members feel most comfortable with, to focus on building in person community through animation and the return of the DECA program, and to prioritize onboarding of new members.

Everyone is required to wear a mask while moving through our spaces, particularly in shared spaces such as washrooms, kitchens, hallways, and stairwells.


This CSI Reopening Member Update outlines what we have done, and are doing, to comply with public health and workplace regulations and create a place you can return to with confidence and ease. If you still have questions, send us an email at and we’d be happy to help.

We look forward to joining you in rebuilding this vibrant community. See you soon!

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