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Observing World Water Day: How Earth Tech ventures are tackling water issues



The number of water-related crises around the world run as deep as the ocean, but impact entrepreneurs at the Centre for Social Innovation are finding innovative ways to tackle water issues, locally and globally.

This World Water Day, we share how these Climate Ventures-accelerated startups, all part of our Earth Tech 2022 cohort, are rising to the challenge of water scarcity. They’re improving water-use efficiency and management, protecting and remediating our precious waterways, and educating industry, government, and communities alike about our myriad water challenges.

Founders of SuWAb Water Systems.


Shahab Minaei, Mohsen Asadi Bagloee, Khaled Zoroufchi Benis | Saskatchewan

SuWAb Water Systems uses agricultural waste to power their water treatment technology. Their Eco-filter provides cost-effective wastewater treatment to local communities, and the team offers consulting services so their clients can fully harness the power of bioenergy.


Ben Wiper | Newfoundland and Labrador

3F Waste Recovery (3F) turns the byproducts of the fish, farm, and forestry industries into valuable, sustainable products. Focusing on local Newfoundland cod fisheries, their unique, commercial, hydrolyzed cod collagen can be used in beauty products and health supplements. 3F holds circular economy and zero waste values: they’re committed to leadership in ethical, responsible supply sourcing and making the most out of precious resources.

Ben Wiper of 3F Waste Recovery.
Derek Davy, founder of Econse.


Derek Davy | Ontario

Econse is a Canadian water tech company that builds water and wastewater purification systems, helping small businesses, industry, and communities meet regulations and reduce their environmental impact. With a focus on breweries (see attached photo at Beamsville, ON brewery, Bench), greenhouses, and farms, their customized, user-friendly systems save their customers money and reduce water use and wastewater production.

(Psst! Econse just launched a cool YouTube series. Check out Water Stories to learn more about their work.)


Tatiana Estevez | Quebec

Permalution generates water from fog! Their Water Radar and Fog Catcher technology detects and captures water droplets, which trickle down as “rain” to be collected and harvested. Each catcher can produce 150-400L of water a day without altering the local ecosystem. Applications include water storage, irrigation, conservation, and wildfire management. 


Earth Tech is a six-month accelerator – led by Climate Ventures and a part of the Accelerate from Anywhere initiative, it’s supported by our partners at RBC Foundation, the Peter Gilgan Foundation and Bullfrog Power.

If you’re working on a climate or water tech solution, check out Accelerate from Anywhere, an initiative run in partnership with Foresight Canada. We provide entrepreneurial training and supports for everyone from aspiring impact entrepreneurs to early-stage cleantech ventures.

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