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Considering Canada Day in 2022



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Today is the last day of National Indigenous History Month, and July 1st is Canada Day.

As we mark this transition, we acknowledge a tension between two truths. We are proud of the many progressive values and policies we Canadians hold, especially as the world shows us just how quickly long established peace and freedoms can be lost. At the same time, we are ashamed of the great crimes against humanity Canada has committed against its own Indigenous people, the systemic oppression that still exists today of people and Nations that predate Confederation, and our collective roles and responsibilities as participants in this democracy of treaty people. 

This Canada Day, we invite you to reflect on, or learn about, the land we share and the Indigenous peoples and treaties that co-created Canada. For an Indigenous perspective of Canada Day, check out this Toronto Star article by Robert Jago. Native Child and Family Services of Toronto also has an excellent piece on reflecting on Canada Day. To learn more about the land we are on, take a look at the map from Canadian Roots Exchange or from

The future belongs to those of us with the courage to co-create it. CSI is committed to building a world that puts people and planet first, and is proud to be a movement that includes so many incredible Indigenous organizations.

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