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Meet CSI’s Summer Staff

While summer may be wrapping up, we’re still clinging on to all the sunshine, warmth, and memories. As we reflect, we’d be remiss to not mention and thank our wonderful CSI summer staff! 

We spoke to two of our summer staff members about their experience at CSI. Rosie Keating, an incoming third year business student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, joined the CSI Marketing and Communications team through a global internship program. Ahmed Heiba, a recent York University finance graduate, joined the operations team at CSI Spadina.

Read on to learn more about their work with the CSI community this summer!

How did you learn about CSI?

Rosie: My global internship program matched me with CSI! I specified an interest in nonprofits and marketing.

Ahmed: I found CSI last winter when I was walking around the city, and then I connected with Erika, a previous DECA and current member, who told me about the organization!

What did you do with CSI this summer?

Rosie: I worked with the Marketing and Communications team, specifically with Ashley, our Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator. While here, I created CSI’s TikTik account and helped create video content for our social media and digital marketing (this was me). I also worked as a DECA one day a week, helping to make sure the spaces are running smoothly!

Ahmed: I helped with the daily operations of CSI Spadina, as well as organizing events and ensuring the space runs smoothly. I coordinate work between the different departments, and also help the DECAs with their daily roles.

What was your favourite part of being at CSI?

Rosie: As a new person to Toronto, working at CSI was fantastic – I got to meet so many new people who are changing the world, and I learned about the city through them. When I started, I didn’t know much about social media from a business perspective. Through working with Ashley and the team, I learned so much about it and its role in marketing. Another benefit was meeting CSI members. They were so inspiring to me as I begin my career, as I learned about all of the work they do, and how I can one day use my degree to pursue a career aligned with my values.

Ahmed: I enjoyed gaining new perspectives every day and meeting people who opened my mind to different ideas. I got to meet people who work in fields that I’d never heard of before, and it helped me to learn new things and build relationships. This position has been great for me to gain experience before I return to Egypt, where I’ll be working with my family business in garment manufacturing. I will be implementing sustainable practices there, many of which I learned here from the CSI community!

What would you tell someone interested in a CSI volunteer position or membership?

Rosie: I would encourage them to do it! It’s an inspiring environment to be a part of. Make the commitment and spend time there, go to the coffee chats, salad clubs, and barbeques, and I bet you’ll meet someone in your line of work. Plus, it’s a great place to make friends!

Ahmed: I would tell them to go for it! Be open to exploring new things, and put yourself out there. If you want to grow your business or learn something new, CSI is the place to be.

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