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Good Foot Delivery Gives Back to Community

Good Foot Courier places a package into a blue reusable bag.CSI is chock full of amazing member organizations and entrepreneurs working on changing the world. Sustainable climate action start ups, literacy initiatives, newcomer services, and building leadership skills are just a few of the many ways our members are making a difference. Did you know that in addition to their changemaking work, some organizations also offer up awesome benefits to their fellow CSI members? One of those groups is Good Foot Delivery, a CSI member since 2014. Learn more about their work, the discount they offer to CSI members, and the benefit of focusing on an accessible workspace below!

About Good Foot Delivery & the In, Our & Up Employment and Training Program

Good Foot Delivery was founded in 2010 by Kirsten Gauthier and her brother Jon. Jon, who is neurodivergent, was having trouble finding steady employment. Together, they started Good Foot Delivery to create employment opportunities for the neurodivergent community and provide a reliable, low carbon courier service across the GTA. Since then, Good Foot has continued to grow, from only one Courier to between 30-40 at any given time. Their mission is to not only provide meaningful employment, but to enhance the long-term employability of their staff. This happens through their In, Out & Up Employment and Training Program.

Good Foot Courier sits on the steps outside of CSI Annex, holding an umbrella and a blue reusable bag.

The training program, in place since 2018, offers several different supports to Good Foot employees. It consists of in-class and field modules, and each participant is paired with a peer facilitator. Together, they work through modules, an assessment, and field training, where the trainee shadows their peer facilitator before moving on to mock deliveries and then completing deliveries on their own. In addition to the hands-on training, the program takes a holistic approach by offering workshops on skills such as communication and financial literacy, as well as offering individualized support to ensure success. Good Foot also provides opportunities to work with other organizations in different fields through mentorships and job placements to help employees better understand what they like to do, while developing new skills and working in different environments.

P.S. Interested in partnering with Good Foot for employment placements through their training program? Get in touch! 

Good Foot Courier stands in front of CSI Annex.

Creating an Accessible Workplace

It’s important to recognize the benefit of an accessible workplace for all employees. Good Foot works to make that a reality through all parts of the employment process. During interviews, they make sure applicants are comfortable and the environment isn’t overly stimulating by offering sensory kits and adjustable lighting. As part of their training, Good Foot accommodates employees’ learning styles to help set them up for success, meeting them where they’re at to build on their strengths. Once they are working independently as a Courier, they continue to receive support through regular check-ins with the Support team. These are practices that other organizations can implement to benefit their employees, as well. 

CSI Member BenefitThe Good Foot Delivery team gathers outside around a wood table with drinks on a sunny day.

So, how can other CSI members connect with Good Foot Delivery? Stop by and say hello! Someone from the Good Foot staff is in their office at CSI Annex every day, and Couriers are often around as well; we encourage you to get to know them as well as your other CSI neighbours. And of course, there is the discount offered to all CSI members – 20% off same day expedited delivery! You can arrange a Good Foot Courier for so many things – a pharmacy order, holiday gifting, flyer distribution, and more. Take advantage of this delivery benefit and check out all the other benefits available to you as a CSI member today!

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