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Our Year Ahead

From all of us at CSI, we’re wishing you and yours a very happy new year! As we kick off 2023, we wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on all of the progress, events, and people from 2022. It was an amazing year of connection with our members. What we do wouldn’t be possible or purposeful without them! And of course, we’re excitedly looking forward to all that 2023 will bring – impactful work from our members, growing our community, and more. This year, we’re really digging into the future of work, rebuilding a better experience for all, and sharing just how important community is to all of this. What are you looking forward to this year? 

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CSI reopens:

a collage of photos depicting a COVID-19 safe work environmentAfter several cycles of COVID-19 lockdowns and closures to protect our members and our staff, CSI was thrilled to welcome everyone back to our spaces in March 2022. With new and improved safety measures in place, and a heck of a lot of hand sanitizer, we were able to keep our doors open for the rest of the year. 

CSI evolves:

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On June 1, 2022, Tonya Surman, CEO and cofounder of CSI, stepped down from her additional role as CEO of the charity Social Innovation Canada (SI Canada), an organization she co-founded in 2016 as the Centre for Social Innovation Institute, and had led since. She was succeeded by SI Canada Executive Director Andrea Nemtin, who stepped into the CEO role. This leadership handoff follows other successful projects and initiatives that have emerged at CSI over the years, such as Ontario Nonprofit Network, Climate Ventures, STEPS (Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space), and more. CSI and SI Canada continue to work closely together to grow the communities of exceptional people and organizations that they are convening, connecting, and accelerating to impact.

CSI staff moves:

Kyle Shantz, Managing Director at the Centre for Social Innovation(insert Barry Manilow’s Looks Like We Made It here) Throughout 2022, the staff complement of CSI shifted and grew. Most notably, we were thrilled to see Kyle Shantz promoted to Managing Director. Kyle began his career at CSI in 2012, as a member, and then a DECA, and then as a part of the staff. We’re excited to have him now as Managing Director, where he works closely with our CEO, Tonya Surman, and the heads of our various business units! CSI also gained several new staff across many departments, from operations, to tech, to communications. Haven’t met them yet? Come on by and introduce yourself! 

CSI events are back:

Along with our reopening in March came the careful reintroduction of some of our signature events! Throughout the year, we hosted two laneway BBQs at CSI Spadina, provincial election debates across our three locations, a welcome back Wine & Cheese at CSI Spadina, and Six Degrees and Innovator Drinks at CSI Annex. These events were an excellent opportunity to connect, eat & drink, laugh, dance, and chat about all the ways we can work together to put people & planet first. We can’t wait to see more guests coming through our doors in 2023.

A photo collage of various CSI events in 2022

CSI holiday gathering:

A photo collage of the CSI 2022 Holiday Gathering

On that note, we were excited to bring back our legendary Holiday Gathering to the lounge of CSI Annex for the first time since 2019! As usual, CSI members and guests showed up in style, ready to mingle, and brimming with social change, reminding us of why we love to host this seasonal soiree. Pictures can’t do the evening justice – you’ll have to join us next year to see for yourself!


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CSI rituals:

A collage of photos showing CSI ritualsOur fantastic Animation team is back in full swing, hosting weekly rituals and monthly events for our members! On Tuesdays, both CSI Spadina & CSI Annex are hosting a cornerstone CSI event – salad club! On Wednesdays, you can join us for Coffee Chats at CSI Spadina and Get the Scoop at CSI Annex. On Thursday, drop by CSI Annex for some mid morning Bagel Bonding. And of course, stay tuned to your emails to learn about our larger events like Six Degrees, Innovator Drinks, and more.

CSI & member amplification:

Pride at Work Canada poses with CSI staff after winning the 2022 Bow Tie AwardThis year, we’re focusing on highlighting and amplifying the work of our members wherever possible. With more than 2,000 members doing worldchanging work, we can’t wait to share some of their stories and impacts with you. 

Have an event, story, or opportunity that just can’t wait? Share it with your fellow members on the Common Platform!

CSI community bonds:

Stack of bricks with bond holders' names on them.CSI invented the Community Bond in 2010 as a means to turn a non-profit’s social capital into financial capital. Most of CSI’s community of over 200 investors have been with us from the start. They include members, former members, community supporters, and some of the biggest foundations in Canada. More than 75% of our investors choose to renew their bonds at maturity! This year, our community bonds will be up for renewal again. Register here to be notified next time they open to new investors! 

CSI & the future of work:

The world of work does not look the same as it did pre-pandemic, and we’re interested in learning how to make it meet our members’ needs. This year, we’ll be taking a hard look at how to make the workplace better for all – more equitable, more accessible, more impactful, and more fun! Stay tuned to learn more about our research and findings in this area. And of course, you can join us and see how we’re shaping & living the future of work first hand!

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