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Canadian Innovation Week 2023

It’s Canadian Innovation Week 2023! This year, we’re celebrating with our members and highlighting the world changing work that they do. We’re spotlighting just a few of our thousands of members here in the themes of Canadian Innovation Week 2023 – be sure to come by our spaces or join our community to meet the rest of our innovators!


Spent Goods

Photo credit: Sarah Wiggins Photography

Toronto based Spent Goods Company diverts barley grains already used to make beer from local breweries to make delicious foods like sourdough bread, pretzels, bagels, and pizza. By diverting these grains from disposal, they retain high fiber and protein of barley, offset greenhouse gas emission, and create local jobs.

They’ve been featured on CBC, BlogTO and voted Top 5 breads in Toronto!

It’s great food for thought around the topic of smart reuse and local food supply. Look for Spent Goods at these physical and online retailers and reduce your climate change footprint!


Collaborative Architecture

We are Collaborative Architecture, formerly known as The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc. Our vision? Architecture for a health planet. Our mission is to help create 1000 new low carbon homes by 2030, through Green Design  and socially responsible and planet friendly buildings.

We focus on collaboration and respect. We respect, amongst other things, the planet and all the other species that we share it with as stewards, not owners, of the lands we inhabit. And we collaborate with our great team, other amazing architects, and of course, our clients, as we help to transform Toronto and Southern Ontario housing into net-zero and beyond zero carbon homes of all types.


TREC is Canada’s leader in the development of community owned renewable energy. We support co-ops, Indigenous communities and social enterprises with our Community Member & Investment Services, and inform policy through our research and advocacy efforts.

We envision a world where people work together, pooling their resources, to realize and benefit from a democratic, 100% renewable energy economy.

Learn more about TREC’s most recent project, Affordable Housing with Tapestry Community Capital.



OOt’s mission is to end loneliness, because everyone deserves to feel like they belong. 

“Disengaged workforce due to loneliness costs the global economy a whopping $154 billion every year. OOt provides a solution to this problem by powering human connectivity, helping people create and maintain meaningful in-person connections and encouraging community growth. Our platform helps boost employee morale, engagement, and well-being.”


Cuso International

Cuso International develops programs that tackle poverty and inequality so all people can thrive. Our efforts are focused on building inclusive societies for women and girls, improving economic opportunities, increasing access to education and enhancing maternal and girls’ health. By connecting global communities in need with the skills required to create lasting change, our impact continues to grow long after a project’s end.

Learn more about their Canada North West Territory education program

Learn more about Tech Incubator Accelerates Learning in Cameroon



Rentman is the all-in-one solution that lets event rental teams work more productively. From one-man shows to large production companies, thousands of event professionals use Rentman to realize big and small events from start to finish.

Last year, Rentman users created 636,074 projects – we helped our customers carry out almost 650 thousand concerts, broadcasts, weddings, and conferences. Thanks to this, millions of people were able to enjoy special moments – and this is what it’s all about.

Bazaar Gala logoBazaar Gala

Bazaar Gala is a new and unique online shopping and advertising platform that brings small businesses together in one shared space and allows them to reach more customers and grow their business. 

Our aim is to help boost the economy by growing the small business sector while simultaneously offering consumers a sustainable, convenient and fun way to shop.


Three founders of Multiverse Computer gather around a laptop while seated at a table.Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing provides software for companies from the financial industry wanting to gain an edge with quantum computing. Our fields of expertise are portfolio optimization problems, risk analysis, and market simulation.

Digital methods usually fail at efficiently tackling these problems. Quantum computing, however, provides us with a powerful toolbox to tackle these complex problems, such as outstanding optimization methods, software for quantum machine learning, and quantum enhanced Monte Carlo algorithms.

Multiverse Computing applies these cutting edge methods to provide software which is customized to your needs, giving companies a chance to derive value from the second quantum revolution.


Pride at Work Canada

Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada/Fierté au travail Canada empowers Canadian employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Our learning, networking and community events happen across the country, advising, celebrating and connecting the most inclusive Canadian employers. We help private, public and non-profit employers to create safer, more inclusive workplaces that recognize the skills of 2SLGBTQIA+ people. The vision we share with our employer members is a Canada where every individual can achieve their full potential at work, regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Together Project

Founded in 2016, Together Project started in Toronto in response to the large number of newcomer arrivals from Syria. Today, Together Project matches volunteers with refugee newcomers from over 25 different countries for social and integration support. Together Project is a charitable initiative on the MakeWay shared platform.

Together Project makes change in three interconnected ways: building newcomer social connections, supporting newcomer integration priorities, and amplifying community involvement in newcomer integration in Canada.


At Goparity, we #InnovateForGood by democratizing access to impact investing. Effectively, we want every Canadian to be able to use their money for good by investing it in local projects that support the SDGs. Our partners in Europe have raised over 23M euros for sustainable development projects through over 11,000 individual investors. Now we have a small founder-led team in Canada who will be launching this model into the Canadian market this June.

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