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Support Social Impact for Giving Tuesday 2023

Each November, we are increasingly inundated with sales emails and promotions surrounding Black Friday (although really, it seems like an entire month-long event at this point). And while these sales are an excellent opportunity to stock up on wants and needs, an equally important day follows – Giving Tuesday. 

Founded globally in 2012, and in Canada in 2013 by, Giving Tuesday encourages us to “give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.” Giving Tuesday is now a significant fundraising date for many nonprofits and charities; in the United States, $2.7 billion was donated on Giving Tuesday in 2021. 

There are innumerable causes and organizations to support, but we’re partial to those in our CSI community. And what a range we have! From environmental and humanitarian, to community and educational, there is an organization for everyone. Below, you’ll find some of the CSI members participating in this year’s Giving Tuesday, how your donation will support their impact work, and more information on where to donate. 

Ontario Library Association

Background image has a pink hue, and shows four young children laying on their stomachs in the grass, reading a book together. Text overlay reads: Give. Read. Grow. I Read Canadian Fund. #GivingTuesdayCA #MardiJeDonneGiving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering. It’s a time when charities, companies, and individuals join together and rally for favourite causes. This year, the Ontario Library Association is fundraising for the I Read Canadian Fund. 

The I Read Canadian Fund connects young Canadians with Canadian books by:  

  1. Donating new books to communities in need to support reading programs. Many are rural, Indigenous, remote, or fly-in communities or places with limited budgets. 
  2. Supporting schools, libraries, and other organizations in priority communities so they can participate in reading programs.  
  3. Connecting authors and illustrators to young fans at festivals and celebrations and their schools. 

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something life-changing! Donate today.

Together Project

Graphic shows a group of people sitting together. Text reads: Help connect refugee newcomers & volunteers to build stronger, more welcoming communities in Canada!Together Project makes change in three interconnected ways: building newcomer social connections, supporting newcomer integration priorities, and amplifying community involvement in newcomer integration in Canada. Through our Welcome Group Program, your donation would enable us to connect more refugee newcomers and volunteers in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Surrey, BC! Together Project is a MakeWay charitable initiative. 

Action Against Hunger Canada

Collage with 9 different photos. From top left, moving clockwise into the center: 1. A young boy holds lemons. 2. A young girl pours water from a cooler. 3. A small child holds a food wrapper up to their mouth. 4. An adult supports a young child while they are measured for their height. 5. A young child holds a goat. 6. A woman helps a small child drink from a cup. 7. A small child holds a small chicken in their hands. 8. A cow, facing the camera. 9. Text reads: Action Against Hunger Gifts

Right now, more than 700 million people are battling hunger, a harsh reality that we can change together. You can help by providing families with the tools they need to build resilience and self-sufficiency.

Choose from our selection of impactful gifts, such as fruit trees, chickens, or emergency therapeutic food, and help address the urgent needs of communities worldwide.

Our simple three-step process makes gift-giving a breeze:

    1. Pick a gift: Choose one of our life-changing gifts in honour of someone you care about.
    2. Send an e-card: Share your meaningful gift with a personalized message that lets your recipient know the difference they’re making.
    3. Feel good: Take a moment to celebrate the life-changing difference you’ve just made in someone’s life.

Make a lifelong difference for families and communities in need. Donate today.

Good Grief! Bereavement Healing Services

Graphic has text on a maroon background. Text reads: Your donation helps grieving adults access group support at little or no cost. Please assist us in reaching our Giving Tuesday goal of supporting 20 newly bereaved people. Bottom of graphic includes a donate here link.#un.sel.fie
Noun (un-sell-fee)

1. A show of support for Giving Tuesday

Join the global movement by choosing Good Grief! Bereavement Healing Services for your donation. Your gift helps grieving adults access group support at little or no cost.

Ontario Nature

Photo shows a paved trail in nature, with trees on either side of the trail. Text overlay reads "Help make nature accessible". There is a Giving Tuesday logo in the bottom left corner.

Giving Tuesday is a day for Canadians to give to causes that mean the most to them. This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 28, 2023 and we are raising funds in support of our province-wide nature reserve system. With 26 nature reserves totaling 3,156 hectares (7,798 acres), our reserves protect some of the province’s best remaining examples of imperiled and vulnerable habitats.

When you give today, your Giving Tuesday gift will go even farther. Donations up to $18,000 will be generously matched by our friends at Quest Nature Tours. We hope you will give today to help us reach our goal of $40,000. Thank you for supporting our nature reserves.

Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Graphic has a baby blue background, with some sparkly gray ornaments, an earth ornament, a gift box with wind turbines coming out the top, and some pine boughs. Text reads: Renewables are Do-able! Give a gift to the planet. Ontario Clean Air AllianceThe Ontario Clean Air Alliance led the successful campaign to phase-out Ontario’s five dirty coal-fired power plants. We’re now working to move Ontario towards a 100% renewable energy future through an integrated combination of energy conservation and efficiency, cost-effective Made-in-Ontario wind and solar, and energy cooperation with Hydro Quebec.

While the world goes renewable, Ontario blunders along with a plan to ramp up the use of polluting gas power by 700%, and build 8,000 MW of new, high-cost nuclear generation that will take decades to roll out and leave a toxic legacy to future generations to safeguard into eternity. This is environmental and economic lunacy.

And right here in Toronto, we’re fighting OPG’s plans to ramp up more polluting gas power at the Portlands gas plant on our waterfront. 

We’re a small but mighty charity – thank you for considering OCAA in your gift giving.

Climate Emergency Unit

A group of teens and young adults stands in a line, holding manilla envelopes full of paper. There is a swoosh of pink border at the bottom, and another at the top, with a yellow swoosh on top of that. Logo in top left reads Youth Climate CorpsThe Climate Emergency Unit is running an audacious campaign calling for a Youth Climate Corps (YCC)! The YCC would be an exciting new federally-funded job training and placement program with thriving wages that will offer a good, green job to anyone under 35 who wants one. Our vision for a YCC is one that will transform our economy away from fossil fuels without leaving workers behind. One that will provide good paying jobs that are meaningful. And one that gives every young person a place to belong in a world that too often feels frightening, lonely and hopeless. Your support will help strengthen our pressure on all levels of government to turn this dream into a reality!

MusicBox Children’s Charity

Graphic shows text on the left, and a photo of a small child on the right. Left text reads: MusicBox Children's Charity, Give the Gift of Music, Donate to support our entirely free & accessible programming. Photo on the right is of a small child holding a guitar, with headphones on.MusicBox Children’s Charity seeks to bring music to every child in Canada — especially to those who face social or economic marginalization. With chapters at 9 Canadian universities, MusicBox offers volunteer-led music programming that is developed by youth, for youth. Through music, MusicBox helps build stronger and healthier children, cultivating creativity, confidence and whole child development. 

Last year, over 200 MusicBox volunteers across 12 Canadian cities ran a total of 33 music programs, reaching a record 2,721 discrete participants. As we continue to grow and serve more and more children nationally, we need your support. Almost 97% of donor funds go directly into our children’s programs – be part of the movement to bring music to all children in Canada. 

Bike Brigade

 Two Bike Brigade volunteers are in discussion with one another, looking at a clipboard.The Bike Brigade is a group of 1500+ volunteer cyclists delivering food and other essentials by bike across Tkaronto (Toronto). We work directly with equity-seeking groups, food banks and other non-profits that are supporting vulnerable folks and underinvested communities in our city. You can sign up to ride with us here! 

A donation to the Bike Brigade will support our ongoing efforts to deliver food and other essentials in solidarity with mutual aid networks and programs fighting food insecurity and advocating for justice.

Curtain Up Distribution

Graphic has a two tone blue background. In the center is a small graphic of a stage. Text reads: Curtain Up! Seeks 500 musical Theatre fans with $10. And Common Ground Media seeks 500 story supporters with $5. Transforming views about any layered subject begins with stories. Giving voice to multiple perspectives, sharing unique information to foster understanding. Curtain Up Distribution’s mission is using media to champion under represented voices & ideas. Instead of advocacy, we incorporate solutions journalism principles, rewriting narratives around the complex, human side of experiences. Additionally, we celebrate rare recordings of musical theater productions, including Canadian productions, via our radio series “Curtain Up!”

Currently we seek 500 story supporters with $5, and 500 musical theater fans with $10 for our two main program areas, Common Ground Media, and Harfield Artistry by December 15 2023. To learn more and support our work, visit our website

Canadian Authors Association

Graphic includes two small images; one of a hand holding a fountain pen and writing, the other of a stack of open books. Text reads: Strategic fundraising drive 2023. Today, we're asking for your help by making a donation to CAA's Strategic Fundraising Drive 2023. Your generous support will help us achieve our goals; you'll be playing an invaluable role in renewing the CAA and helping Canadian writers get read.Canadian Authors, Canada’s longest-running National non-profit association for writers since being established in 1921, is dedicated to helping writers at all levels of their craft. From aspiring authors to accomplished professionals, CAA strives to guide writers through their writing and publishing journeys and help put their amazing written works into the hands of readers. Not a writer? No problem! If you’re a reader and book lover like all of us at CAA, now is the time you can help support Canadian writers and their creative efforts in shaping the fabric of Canadian culture. Please consider lending us a hand with our goal of aiding authors in getting their creative work in front of readers and buyers. Donate today and join us in “Leading Canadian writers into the next century”! To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our website. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated!

Ontario Council for International Cooperation

Graphic has a teal shape with text inside, and a rainbow of colour eminating outward. Text reads: We see a future for international cooperation that's rooted in Solidarity Collaboration Partnership Do you share this vision? Support our work this Giving Tuesday.We don’t have a crystal ball, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the future of the international cooperation sector. We do, and it’s rooted in solidarity, collaboration and real partnership.

The future is about the transformative power of community.
It’s about collaboration over competition.
It’s about global solidarity.

As the Ontario Council for International Cooperation we’ve embraced our role. We are a hub for learning, unlearning, and fostering community. We can see a vibrant future, but it takes all of us to get there. If you share this vision, we invite you to support our work this Giving Tuesday.

The Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is an expanding community of Ontario-based international development and global education and individual associate members working globally for social justice. Donate today.

Carbon Conversations

Image shows people sitting in folding chairs throughout a room. They are in pairs, with each person looking at the other.Carbon Conversations TO (CCTO) is a grassroots group that supports community members to transition from climate overwhelm and anxiety to action through empowering conversations.

Our group is seeking funding to pilot our brand-new program, Living With the Climate Crisis (LWCC). This immersive, 20-hour climate training emphasizes collective action, providing participants with tools to delve into climate change, discover where their skills and strengths fit in the climate movement, learn to have empathetic conversations with others and share ways to find meaning and joy in an uncertain world.

Our commitment to accessibility is to make the LWCC program free for all participants to join. Your donation will help us cover the costs to launch and run this in-depth program. 

Join us in fostering a movement of care for people and the planet. Learn more and make a donation here.

Birth Mark

Image shows a group of people standing beneath a balloon arch. Text reads: Together we help #GivingTuesdayCAIgnite Impact: Join the Revolution for Accessible Reproductive Support!

Picture a world where personalized reproductive support isn’t a distant dream but a reality for everyone. As Giving Tuesday approaches, Birth Mark invites you to become part of a transformative story, where the heartbeat of change emanates from our extraordinary team of reproductive support champions. Imagine the ripple effect of your contribution, an investment not just in monetary terms but in the future of reproductive care. Your support becomes a beacon of change, offering hope and healing to individuals on their reproductive health journeys. At Birth Mark, our unsung heroes tirelessly work day and night, infusing every donated dollar with the heart and soul of our mission. We’re not just spotlighting generosity; we’re crafting a narrative of collective empowerment, where each team member is a protagonist in the story of accessible reproductive support. Join our revolution this Giving Tuesday, be a force for change, and together, let’s script a story where accessible reproductive support is not just imagined but lived by all. Your participation matters—be the storyteller of impact!

Venture for Canada

Graphic has a faded background of a collage of headshots of people. Layered on top is a black and pink gradient. Text reads: Canada is full of young, entrepreneurial dreamers. We're fundraising to meet their ambition with opportunity. Donate today to help remove financial and systemic barriers to entrepreneurship.Venture for Canada: Breaking Down Barriers to Entrepreneurship This Giving Tuesday

In the heart of Canada’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, young visionaries often face a daunting obstacle: financial and systemic barriers. These barriers don’t just challenge; they threaten to dim the brightest dreams and hinder the most innovative minds. Venture for Canada stands committed to removing these obstacles, ensuring every aspiring entrepreneur has a fair chance to succeed. 

In 2022, we invested $99,950 into a cohort of 42 recent graduates, significantly impacting their entrepreneurial journeys through financial aid, mentorship, skills training and a supportive community to set them up for success in the startup ecosystem. 

Your contribution this Giving Tuesday goes beyond mere support; it’s a powerful investment in the future of Canadian entrepreneurship. Each donation helps transform challenges into growth, innovation, and leadership opportunities.

Join us in building a Canada where entrepreneurship is accessible and every young Canadian’s potential can be fully realized. Donate today and be a part of nurturing the change-makers of tomorrow 🚀

Bunchberry Connections

Image shows a person walking in a garden, with the sun and clouds in the background.Bunchberry Connections’ vision is to Grow Mental Health through Nature-Connected Community. We have previously consulted on the development of a mental health inpatient forest garden at Joseph Brant Hospital and then grew an urban farm in Burlington. On 3/4 of an acre of land, the farm grew over 5,000lbs of food in 3 years for the Burlington Food Bank. This coming year we plan to establish a new site in Toronto where we will rehabilitate poorly tended land to start growing a native plant food forest. We will invite the community to collaborate on the design of the garden and will host mental health programming to foster nature-connection and wellbeing.

Your donation will go towards the start-up costs of onsite planting and towards the site coordinator’s salary. If you are aware of a site in Toronto that would be interested in collaborating with us, we would love for you to connect us! To donate, please visit our website!

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