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Single tree overlooks blue body of water
The number of water-related crises around the world run as deep as the ocean, but impact entrepreneurs at the Centre for Social Innovation are finding innovative ways to tackle water issues, locally and globally.
Climate Solutions
Kvass, traditional Slavic and Baltic fermented beverage
Two of our nominated ventures – Earth Tech 2021 alumni 2S Water and ALT TEX – were successful in the SDTC’s last seed round, and secured a combined $150,000 in grant funding! In addition, two other Earth Tech alumni, ioAirFlow and Geosapiens Inc. were also successful this round.
Earth Tech Pitch Night
We’re recruiting for our Earth Tech accelerator and looking for 20 promising startups or non-profits to join our 2022 cohort. So, we asked a couple alumni and one of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: why Earth Tech? What sets us apart?
CSI Alum Secure 8M
After participating in either our WOSEN Investment Readiness Supports program or Earth Tech accelerator, four ventures recently leveraged what they learned to secure over $8M in funding!
Earth Tech Pitch Night
On June 30, supporters from across Canada and beyond tuned in to watch 16 climate ventures from our Earth Tech accelerator pitch live for $10,000.
Wild Lion Photo Twitter Header
Inwit is set to launch after being ranked one of the top 15 global solutions in the international Circular Innovation City Challenge. Find out how Adrianna Couto and Erika Reyes made it happen.
canopy banner image
For our latest Climate Ventures Conversation, we sat down with Nicole Rycroft, the Founder and Executive Director of Canopy, for a conversation about how Canopy is protecting the world’s forests by working with industry customers and suppliers to transform supply chains.