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Agents of Change 2017-2018: Climate Solutions


Social entrepreneurs are turning the climate crisis into an opportunity to build the more resilient, clean, and low-carbon economy of the future.

Over two years, the Centre for Social Innovation is supporting 38 enterprises working on climate change solutions. Please note that applications are now closed, but you can still join Climate Ventures, our incubator for climate entrepreneurs, innovators, and advocates.

After a rigorous selection process, 20 enterprises joined our first cohort for Agents of Change: Climate Solutions. Over 12 months their revenues grew by 120% to $1.4M, they created 14 new full-time equivalent jobs, increased volunteers by 55% to 160, and attained greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of 640 TC02e while being on track to achieve thousands more. Read this blog post for more updates.

Gregory Bonser (LinkedIn) & Albert Ler (LinkedIn)

Alert Energy helps building owners save energy and water.

Headshot of Mary-Kate Gilbertson
Mary-Kate Gilbertson (LinkedIn) & Larry Sault

Anwaatin supports reconciliation working alongside Indigenous Stewardship Warriors. We provide technical support to Indigenous communities.

Headshot of Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell (LinkedIn)

Better Current is a renewable technology company launching the world’s first smart solar charger for home use to efficiently charge devices from the sun every day.

Headshot of Kathy Porter
Kathy Porter (LinkedIn) & Jacqui Gingras

Imagine Getting Paid to Cycle! CO2Velo sells locally based carbon offset credits to emitters. We use the funds from carbon offset sales to provide financial incentives for people to cycle.

Headshot of Leor Rotchild


Leor Rotchild (LinkedIn)

DIG (aka Do It Green) is a registered B Corp delivering environmental programming for large special events including zero-waste management, clean power and potable water solutions.

Photo of Emmay Mah and Vince Schutt
Emmay Mah (LinkedIn) & Vince Schutt (LinkedIn)

Enviromentum mitigates climate change impacts by helping people to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours. Through applied behavioural change science, we empower people and organisations to lead a low carbon cultural transition.

Headshot of Anahita Belanger
Anahita Belanger (LinkedIn)

Farm Fund invests in modern restorative agriculture to improve the lives of farmers, feed the world and reverse climate change.

Photo of Kelly Drennan and Sarah Peel
Kelly Drennan (LinkedIn) & Sarah Peel LinkedIn)

FTA advances fashion sustainability through education, awareness and collaboration. Our Fashion Impacts Challenge introduces youth to the sharing economy with school-wide swaps, and also helps them prevent GHG-producing textile waste.

Headshot of Michael Smith
Michael Smith (LinkedIn) & Mark Juhasz

Future of Protein provides leaders with business intelligence on sustainable livestock production. We are examining sustainable animal feeds and developing a new tool to help leaders reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Photo of Luna Yu and Kaitlyn Chow
Luna Yu (LinkedIn) & Kaitlyn Chow (LinkedIn)

Genecis aims to rid the world of food waste and up-cycle it into products of value.

Photo of Paul Mero and Natasa Zupancic
Paul Mero (LinkedIn) & Natasa Zupancic (LinkedIn)

Junction Geo is a pilot project showcasing a new approach to bringing geoexchange heating and cooling to homes in older urban areas.

Photo of Akhil Sivanandan and Navodit Babel
Akhil Sivanandan (LinkedIn) & Navodit Babel (LinkedIn)

Green Story is a marketing and analytics platform that helps green companies connect with customers by showcasing their positive environmental and social impact.

Photo of Jessica Machado and Sarah Brigel
Jessica Machado & Sarah Brigel (LinkedIn)

Microbe Hub aims to reduce a community’s carbon footprint by using composting as a method of diverting organic waste and as a platform for science literacy programming.

Headshot of Carolyn Young
Carolyn Young (LinkedIn) & Laura Northey (LinkedIn)

The Organic Council of Ontario is the voice for organics in Ontario. We represent organic farmers and businesses and help them to grow Ontario organics from field to plate.

Headshot of Peggy Sue Deaven
Peggy Sue Deaven (LinkedIn) & Emily Neill (LinkedIn)

Peggy Sue Collection Inc. is a clothing company founded upon the beliefs of revitalizing the North American fiberscape with a transparent and traceable Supply Chain of Farmers, Mills and Makers.

Photo of Jessica Correa
Jessica Correa (LinkedIn)

Random Acts of Green™ is a social enterprise that offers social media advertising services. We advertise for our clients utilizing our engaging and empowering brand to showcase environmental initiatives.

Photo of Brandon Hebor and Steven Bourne
Brandon Hebor (LinkedIn) & Steven Bourne (LinkedIn)

Ripple is a social enterprise working to combat food insecurity throughout Canada. Focusing on vertical farming techniques, Ripple operates out of Canada’s first Urban Farming Unit at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Photo of Nima Tahami and Mohsen Mohsenpour
Nima Tahami (LinkedIn) & Mohsen Mohsenpour

ShiftRide is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform, allowing people to rent cars from car owners nearby.

Photo of Carter Li and Laura Bryson
Carter Li (LinkedIn) & Laura Bryson (LinkedIn)

SWTCH is an online marketplace for residential electric vehicle (EV) charging. By enabling residential EV charging, SWTCH aims to improve EV charging accessibility and promote the mainstream adoption of EVs.

Headshot of Daniel Adirim
Daniel Adirim (LinkedIn)

Groundswell Grid Energy is a geoexchange utility dedicated to making it easy for building owners to switch to a less expensive, safer and lower carbon space heating and cooling technology.

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