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Looking for a speaker for an event on shared spaces, social innovation, or the Next Economy? Trying to rev up a crowd, secure buy-in, or build skills and capacity among your team? CSI is led by a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, community builders, systems thinkers, designers and all around badass changemakers. And we’ve been speaking at events around the world since 2006.

Below you’ll find a list of topics we’ve covered in the past. You can also get to know our staff team (and their expertise) here.

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CSI's Founder and CEO Tonya Surman speaking to an audience

When it comes to collaboration and social innovation, we’ve got a few things to say.

Trends in Social Innovation

What does social innovation look like? What are the key drivers that are leading social change? And how can we leverage these trends? This presentation provides a framework for understanding social innovation while exploring emerging trends.

Creating the conditions for social innovation emergence

Where does social innovation come from? Is it truly as magical as it seems – does it just ‘appear’ out of thin air?

While there’s no recipe for social innovation, we can do far more than simply sit back and wait. Conscious attention to our spaces and our communities can create the conditions from which social innovation emerges. In this session, we’ll explore the intentional-organic paradox and offer tips for intentionally creating the conditions for organic social innovation emergence.