Social Entrepreneurship 101 Program

Social Entrepreneurship 101 Program

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Mar 18, 2019

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Are you an aspiring social social entrepreneur interested in deepening your understanding of how to establish & grow your enterprise?

The Centre for Social Innovation offers a Social Entrepreneurship 101 program that covers all aspects of social entrepreneurship, from making sure you’ve identified the right problem, to testing solutions, turning your solution into a sustainable business model, and measuring its impact.

Each 8-week program has 20 openings for committed individuals who can attend the training once a week for three hours. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and turn your idea into impact, register now! This 8-week intensive is delivered in two phases – see below for more details.

Phase 1: Problem discovery, solutions mapping, and opportunities for impact.

Together, we’ll help answer some of the questions you may be asking yourself, such as:

  • I see so many problems, which should I focus on specifically and why?
  • Do I have the right skills and enough knowledge to do this?
  • How do I decide what solution to offer first?
  • How do I move from idea to action?
  • There are so many things to do to get started, how do I prioritize?

Week 1 Topic: What are my motivations for wanting to start a social enterprise?
Outcomes: I understand why starting my own social enterprise is a good fit for me.

Week 2 Topic: What problem am I passionate about finding a solution to and why?
Outcomes: I have a framework to help me learn more about the ecosystem in which my problem exists .

Week 3 Topic: Why are the current solutions to this problem not working?
Outcomes: I have learned techniques to help me connect with those affected by the problem so that I deeply understand what is not working and why.

Week 4 Topic: Identifying opportunities for impact (new solutions)
Outcomes: I know (or am closer to knowing) where I can start to focus the efforts of my enterprise and with whom so that I can generate real impact.

Phase 2: Stakeholder discovery, business and financial models, social enterprise funding options and exploring enterprise impact.

Together, we’ll help answer some of the questions you may be asking yourself, such as:

  • I have developed a clear idea of the impact that I want my enterprise to generate, how do I design my enterprise to reach this impact?
  • How can I generate sustainable revenue (and profit) from my social enterprise?
  • How do I move from idea to action, what areas of my enterprise should I focus on building first?
  • What resources am I going to need to start my enterprise?
  • What funding models should I explore?

Week 5 Topic: What is the vision and impact goals for my enterprise and who are its stakeholders?
Outcomes: I have a first draft of my enterprise’s compelling vision statement and I know all of the stakeholders that I will need to engage with in order to start testing my ideas.

Week 6 Topic: What is a business model?
Outcomes: I can start to get creative in imagining how my enterprise could deliver and generate value in order to achieve impact.

Week 7 Topic: What resources will I need to start my enterprise?
Outcomes: I can do a basic financial model to determine what I will need in the short term to get my enterprise off the ground.

Week 8 Topic: How could I get my enterprise funded, what options are available and what should I focus on doing next?
Outcomes: I understand some of the funding options available and have a clear idea of what I should focus on next in order to get my enterprise off the ground.

You will leave this training with some core entrepreneurial competencies that will support you in building an inclusive, meaningful and impact-driven enterprise. These include:

  • Critical thinking (the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment)
  • Systems thinking (understanding the numerous factors that contribute to a problem you are wanting to solve)
  • Decision making (selecting the best course of action that will bring about authentic impact).
  • Listening (giving one’s attention in order to learn new things without bias or judgment)
  • Storytelling (crafting and telling stories to better understand the impact that you want to generate)
  • Business Modelling (how to design an enterprise)

Some of the tools and guides we will be using include: Impact Gaps Canvas, Flourishing Business Model Canvas, Research Plan Template, Research Findings Template, Theory of Change, Evaluating Opportunities Worksheet, Enterprise Golden Circle.

You will feel more capable of driving your social enterprise idea forward with increased confidence. Come to connect with your peers and learn the building blocks of creating a viable social enterprise.

The program was developed in partnership with experienced social entrepreneurs, coaches, facilitators, and educators, and based on the learnings of over a decade of training social enterprises.

If you want to learn the fundamentals of creating a social enterprise, and ensure you make the right decisions and set the right priorities this course is for you!