Social Innovation Institute

About the Charity

The Social Innovation Institute (SII) is a registered charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. SII is committed to helping Canadians make lasting change in their communities by providing accessible social innovation education and training, building connections, and providing affordable access to coworking spaces for people facing economic barriers. 

Together, we’re building the next economy that puts people and planet first.

Charitable Objectives

To relieve poverty by providing employment training programs to impoverished unemployed persons as well as other tools and services that increase their employability.

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Canadian registered charities by providing these charities with access to shared services, workspace and other infrastructure at below-market rates.

To advance education by providing workshops and conferences on social innovation, research and similar topics.

SII Programs



CSI Regent Park Lounge


Since hosting SPARK, Canada’s first national social innovation conference, the Social Innovation Institute has reached out across the country. Through a multi-year process, SII has engaged people working to address pressing needs in their communities, including people in government and in the corporate sector, to see how we can work collaboratively to unlock the potential of social innovation across Canada.


Social Innovation Education

SII is excited to be welcoming Joshua Cubista as he joins us to become the Social Innovation Institute’s first Dean. Joshua’s first task will be to co-create a broad set of social innovation education programs with innovators from around the country and the world.




CSI Regent Park will be the homebase for the OnRamp program, and will directly serve the Regent Park Community. OnRamp will help bridge the knowledge gap and improve people’s access to the programs we offer and those in the Regent Park community. OnRamp will also serve to better participants financial efficacy and economic access. 


Acceleration – Agents of Change

Agents of Change is the SII acceleration program. The program focus is ever changing, but the goal is always the same: to accelerate the success and amplify the impact of a cohort of high-potential projects. The program includes unlimited use of workspace and all the benefits of membership plus events, mentorship, training and access to capital.




SII thanks all of it’s generous donors who have helped to grow the Social Innovation Institute this past year.*

BENEFACTOR ($500,000+)

McConnell Foundation


VISIONARY ($50,000+)

Peter Gilgan Foundation

Suncor Energy Foundation

Suncor Inc.


SUSTAINER ($1,000 – $4,999)

Brian Iler

Denny Manchee

Eric Meerkamper

Marie Moliner

Tonya Surman

Helen Yung


SUPPORTER ($500 – $999)

Raissa Espiritu

Jason Dojc

Steven Dolman

David Gotlib

Seana Irvine

Ecotone Software

Anonymous (1)

*This list represents cumulative giving from June 2018 to May 31 2019

FRIEND ($25 – $499)

Valerie Adriaanse

Saira Ansari

Paul Antze

Ann Armstrong

Anahita Belanger

Solange Belluz

Jamie Biggar

Angela Bischoff

Louanne Chan

Common Thread Collective

Tanya Cothran

Rick Findlay

Valerie Fox

Rosemary Frei

Amy Furness

Kelly Hawke Baxter

Allyson Hewitt

Brian & Carolyn Hoessler

Adam Jamkhou

Ryan Knight

Ron Koperdraad

Debra Lary

Eli Levin

Anna Liu

Sharon Lovett

Darryl Moore

John Napoleone

Ratna Omidvar

Katie Perconti

Pluck Tea Inc.

Khondkar Rabbani

Joanna Reynolds

Anne Simpson-Porco

Geoffrey Singer 

Elisa Smith

Smooth River Consulting

Denise Thomson

Annelies Tjebbes

Brittany Twiss

Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-Op

Ronny Yaron

Jennifer Zelmer

Stanislav Zlobinski

Anonymous (3)


*This list represents cumulative giving from June 2018 to May 31 2019



Charitable Registration #: 82237 1969 RR0001