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Pop-up Office

No Membership, No Moving,
No Maintenance Required

Our Pop-up Office takes flexible space to the next level.

With more people working from home than ever before, organizations are fundamentally rethinking the nature of work and workspace: “Do we really need everyone to come in every day? And if not, do we really need to maintain this much space in the heart of the city?”

In 2004, CSI pioneered coworking as a way for many organizations to share space and infrastructure, reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary overlap in infrastructure. In 2020, CSI is taking that concept even further.

Book a Pop-up Office

There are a million reasons an organization might need a temporary space for an hour, a day, a week, or a month. Maybe you were already crammed, and you don’t have space to distance anymore. Maybe you want to bring your remote force in on Mondays to set the week’s agenda, then disperse for the rest of the week. Maybe you’ve let your office go until the world recovers.

Whatever your reason, we’ve got you. You can rent space on demand, for 5 to 50, for an hour or a month.

Meeting Room #4 in CSI Annex

Rent space on demand for 5 or 50, for an hour or a month

Low Minimums, No Maximums

If you just need a room for a while, CSI has 15 meeting rooms across three locations. From brick and beam to modern, you can book any amenities you need with a one hour minimum.

Big TVs, projectors, whiteboards: you name it, we’ve got it. If you need more space we have clean commercial spaces with desks, cozy chairs, and can provide whatever else you need for the time you’re there.

Still too small? We also have two large auditoriums that can hold up to 50 (the Stage Three max) people in a safe, physically-distanced way.

So bring in the whole team to kick off the week, recap the quarter, or hold your AGM or shareholder meeting, and let go of the space that sits vacant 90% of the time.


Concierge Service
Event Service Staff
Projector Screen
Fast Wi-Fi
A/V Equipment
Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
Breakout Rooms

Concierge Service

Pop-Up Office space is totally turnkey. Work with a dedicated Space Manager to arrange the amenities and room set-up you need. Our Event Staff will move in, set-up, sterilize, tear down, and clean-up your space for you, so you can get to work right away, and leave with the energy you need to action your outcomes.


From storied brick-and-beam to award-winning modern, we’ve got two beautiful locations in downtown Toronto.

Take advantage of our most flexible workspace option yet

Tell us what you need, and we’ll get everything ready for you. All you have to do is come in and start working.