Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for an event on social innovation or shared spaces? Trying to rev up a crowd, secure buy-in, or build skills and capacity among your team? We’ve been speaking at events around the world since 2006. Below you’ll find a list of topics we’ve covered in the past. You can also get to know our staff team.  For more information or to discuss a tailored presentation, send us a note at speaking@socialinnovation.ca

Trends in Social Innovation

What does social innovation look like? What are the key drivers that are leading social change? And how can we leverage these trends? This presentation provides a framework for understanding social innovation while exploring emerging trends.

Creating the conditions for social innovation emergence

Where does social innovation come from? Is it truly as magical as it seems – does it just ‘appear’ out of thin air? While there is no recipe for social innovation, we can do far more than simply sit back and wait. Conscious attention to our spaces and our communities can create the conditions from which social innovation emerges. In this session, we’ll explore the intentional ~ organic paradox and offer tips for intentionally creating the conditions for organic social innovation emergence.

Shared spaces for social innovation

Not all shared spaces are created the same. There are fundamental differences between shared spaces to support social innovation and others created simply to provide a place to work. What turns a workspace into a community? What features animate and activate that community, leading to collaboration, idea exchange, and the emergence of new ideas? In this session, we’ll share our thinking on how shared spaces can become hotbeds of innovation, offering practical tips and a clear framework for understanding your work.

Constellation Model

The Constellation Model of Governance is a framework for collaboration amongst a variety of partners. Borrowing insights and tools from complexity science and the Internet, the Constellation Model is a strategy for pursuing social change in a dynamic universe. We’ve employed the model with a handful of projects including the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment, the Ontario Nonprofit Network, and the Frontline Partners with Youth network. We have also watched as others have adapted the model for their own multi-organization collaborations. In this session, we’ll review the basics of the model, offer ideas on how to adapt it to your situation, and empower you to get started immediately.

Building effective shared spaces

In this session, CSI reveals its best secrets – and its worst failures – in an effort to help improve the success and impact of your shared space. Drawing on over a decade of experience, we’ll offer practical tips and strategies that will help ensure viability from startup to scale. The session covers the full gamut, from deal structure and site selection to marketing, programming and community animation.

Network evaluation and growth

Many of us are investing heavily in network development as a strategy for changing the world. We feel intuitively that it is working – after all, collaboration is good, right? But how do we really know if it’s working? How do we track, defend, rationalize or prove that a network approach is the right approach for our project? And perhaps most importantly, how can we learn to do it better? Based on our publication Network Evaluation: Cultivating Health Networks for Social Change, this session reveals the findings of the Centre’s research and offers tools and insights for improving network assessment and growth.