#StayAtHome Activity: Record a Voice Message for an Audio Penpal

#StayAtHome Activity: Record a Voice Message for an Audio Penpal

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May 15, 2020

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If anything, COVID-19 has highlighted our need for social connections. Canadians are feeling lonelier than ever.

That’s why Yellowknife artist Aidan McMahon partnered with a few other collaborators to start Through The Wall, an audio penpal project.

“We thought that would be the best way to get people to open up about what they’re going through, as well as to hopefully connect them with someone else,” he said during an interview with CBC Trail’s End host Lawrence Nayally.

There’s something special about hearing someone’s voice. You can hear inflections in their tone, pick up on hesitation, or be swept up in a rush of excitement. Audio adds an extra layer of depth to a message.


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When this is all over, Aidan hopes to use some of the audio recordings ⁠— with the participants’ consent ⁠— in a radio piece to be aired on CJLO, Concordia University’s radio station.

If you want to find an audio penpal, all you have to do is email throughthewall2020@gmail.com with your name and location. Aidan will pair you up with someone else, you’ll record an introductory letter, and he’ll deliver (email) your message to your penpal. Participation is free, anonymous, and moderated by the project creators.

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