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Staff & Board » Norhan Haroun
Headshot of Norhan Haroun

Norhan Haroun

Community Operations Coordinator

In August 2022, Norhan completed a master’s in political science and a graduate diploma in refugee and migration studies. She read, analyzed, wrote (and rewrote, and rewrote again…) for twelve beautiful months and never experienced imposter syndrome. Not even once.

Her curiosity has taken her down winding roads filled with surprises. For instance, she was a Desk Exchange Community Animator in 2017-2018, and now she’s back at CSI four years later. She also returned to studying political science after ten years. Hmm, this narrator senses a pattern here. Norhan has other interests too! She loves baking unnecessarily ambitious recipes, cycling through the city on a sunny day, and forcing her friends to keep up with her ever-changing hobbies. Norhan’s primary motivation is to be helpful to her community. This led to a decade of working in the hospitality/service industry and inspired several years of volunteering at The Stop Community Food Centre. She hopes to continue to serve her community at CSI.

If you speak Arabic, talk to her! Then laugh at how terrible her vocabulary has gotten after over a decade of living in Toronto. If you don’t speak Arabic, talk to her! You’ll undoubtedly find something to laugh about together.