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Our Team » Alyshia Collins
Headshot of Alyshia Collins

Alyshia Collins

Meeting Rooms & Events Manager

Alyshia (she/her) is an avid book reader, loves to travel, and has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector.

From arts to health, Alyshia has worked in organizations with varied missions. And one of the most important skills she’s picked up over the last decade is the ability to solve complex problems. She works collaboratively with all teams, and has a contagious sense of humour that makes work fun. She is deeply committed to helping teams succeed.

Alyshia is committed to learning, and is always looking to grow her skills. She is currently enrolled in a Project Management Certificate through Toronto Metropolitan University. This is in addition to her existing Journalism Diploma and Growth Marketing Certificate.

Does improving or creating processes sound boring to you? Not to Alyshia! She revels at the challenge of making operations smoother, and developing new processes that save both time and money by working across teams and using technology.

In her spare time, Alyshia is a plant enthusiast WITHOUT a green thumb. Ask her about it, or cooking seafood, or the infinite events she’s planned or managed because she’s an exceptional storyteller.