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Our Team » Amanda Singh

Amanda Singh

Community Operations Coordinator

Amanda is an Arts Administrator with a deep affection for Film, TV and Live Theatre. She has worked in the not for profit sector for 3 years and customer service for 10. 15 + years if you count the summers in Markham where young Amanda was the makeshift entertainment and waitstaff at her parents’ soirees.

Amanda truly believes that community engagement is the bread and butter to one’s self fulfillment. When we find spaces to gather, to connect and to learn we build a better version of ourselves with the help of the people we meet. This is where her adoration for volunteering sprouted from and why she advocates for community involvement opportunities for all ages. After joining CSI, she could see that there was a genuine care for people and the planet that supported her beliefs.

When Amanda isn’t spending her time helping others, she is helping herself to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and trying to finish one of many DIY projects. She is always looking for a pool to swim in, a trail to hike or a Winners to browse in. She is always a laugh and a half so your day can only get brighter if you cross her path.