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Ana Glazirin Profile Picture

Ana Glazirin

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Before coming to CSI Ana dabbled in everything under the sun. She’s worked in teaching jobs and sold potatoes with funny messages. She’s managed Airbnb properties and mixed drinks in that obscure bar. The underlying current in everything she does is a systematic approach to tasks, an eye for efficiency, attention to detail, and striving for flow. 

Ana has studied at University of Ottawa (bilingual BA in Language Teaching and Linguistics), University of Toronto (Non-Degree studies), and took various courses to support her professional development. 

Ana serves as support to our brilliant Finance Director and Accounting Manager. She serves the staff by being a connector between their creative projects and the demands to codify those projects into relevant financial information. Ana helps translate “this awesome person did this awesome job, can you pay them x amount?” to a clear invoice that will ensure the awesome person gets paid promptly and the CRA is happy. She is constantly working on simplifying and streamlining processes that help CSI move faster, cut on costs, and take advantage of technological advances that allow staff to spend more time on what matters. 

Ana’s favourite part about CSI is the balance between flexibility and professionalism. She is grateful to be able to serve greater goals at the foundational level, and at the same time do it in an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration.