Chi Nguyen

Director of Social Innovation Canada

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Chi is delighted to join CSI and the Social Innovation Canada family to help spread the mission of social innovation across Canada. Most recently, Chi was the CEO (ChiEO) of a start-up social enterprise consulting firm focused on gender violence prevention and gender inclusion, Parker P. Consulting, with White Ribbon Canada. She has also worked for some amazing Canadian institutions, charitable agencies and do-gooding organizations including United Way Toronto, CBC and MASS LBP. Chi has been an active community member serving on a number of boards including Jane’s Walk, Story Planet, St. Stephen’s Community House and Canadian Women’s Health Network. Her work has been recognised for improving the lives of women and girls throughout Canada by the Governor General (2004) and the YWCA (1999). She holds an MSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics.

She wishes that everyone loved community involvement, civic engagement and democracy as much as she does – and wants to build a world where our decision-making institutions better serve the interests of all of us. In her free time, she likes to race streetcars on her bicycle, swim in Ontario lakes, eat delicious food and chase her two boys through Toronto’s awesome parks.

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