Geoff Doner

Facilities Animator - CSI Annex

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When Geoff first started as a DECA at CSI back in 2014, he was looking for a social connection and a way to build a fledgling art collective, Bureau Of Power And Light, into a viable and sustainable business. He soon found himself on the Events Staff team and over the next couple of years developed many friendships with members and staff alike. He also got to know the Annex building inside out. He is a Composer, Musician, Performer, Artist as well as having extensive experience as a Lead Carpenter, Stagehand, A/V Tech and Supervisor behind the scenes in Television, Theatre and large corporate events. He has been able to harness this diverse skill-set that in a variety of ways at CSI. So it felt like a natural progression for Geoff to assume the role of Facilities Animator of CSI Annex. Geoff is keen to be a part of the CSI team and looks forward every day to engaging with so many world-changing wonderful humans!

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