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Glen Guerin


Glen has been working since the age of eleven, raking leaves, shovelling snow and running errands for elderly people on his street – good money for good candy. At age 12, a real job, a paper route with the Toronto Star. At 14 the family moved to Cambridge Ontario and between 15 and 20 worked various jobs in factories from cleaning to forklift driving. It paid his way through Art School. Upon graduating he landed a job at CBC hoping to get into the art department but couldn’t get out of administration. However, to this day, he is an exhibiting artist and freelance designer. In 2014 he was laid off from the CBC and began a new career as an underpaid handyman when a friend found an ad for CSI wanting a Caretaker. He applied and got the job! At first it was strictly janitorial, but over the years it has morphed into helping everyone with whatever their needs are, from finding computer cables to moving furniture to designing posters. Being appreciated by others makes any request easier to fulfill.