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Our Team » Jahnari Phillip-Rosale
Headshot of Jahnari Phillip-Rosale

Jahnari Phillip-Rosale

Event Staff

If you love to laugh, have fun, and fill your stomach, you’ll never be bored with Jahnari. A Trini girl through and through, Jahnari believes that music, specifically soca, along with good food and vibes can bring a group of people together faster than you can say “rice and peas”.

Attending George Brown most recently for project management, Jahnari is very reliable for all things planning. She prides herself on being a brilliant executor and frequent attendee of events and affairs here in our city and abroad as well. Her humour and relatability makes others gravitate towards her and her energy, lifting spirits and inspiring confidence wherever she goes. This passion for planning and socialization goes hand in hand with her degree and background in management and organizational studies, with her specializing in consumer behaviour.

Jahnari also holds a degree in psychology, and has a love for meeting and learning about others and their history within their cultures. This being the case, travel is a must on her yearly bucket list, making sure she saves time and resources for her journey of enriching the lives of herself and those she meets along her path. Jahnari is a people person through and through and can always be found with a smile on her face and a welcoming demeanour.