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Jane Zhang

Chief Digital Officer

Born in the jungles of Sothern China, Jane’s first exposure to technology was the telegraph machine, from that point on, she was hooked. Jane has spent the last 20 years working in technology and helping to build relationships between the voluntary, public, and private sectors to make technology more accessible for charity and nonprofits. She has extensive experience in the IT field, as well as the nonprofit sector; in particular she’s both founded and acted in a leadership role aimed at helping to bridge the digital divide. As the Director of Online Services, Jane’s role is to help social innovators all over the world to connect with each other and assisting them in achieving their goals. Jane is looking forward to helping CSI optimize its current IT infrastructure to better serve its members and looking at the development of new platforms/services to support social innovation. Jane is also currently the Executive Director of TechSoup Canada, a project of CSI aimed at growing the technology capacity of the Canadian nonprofit sector. In her free time, you can find Jane playing video games, running half marathons, and hanging out with her cats.