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Event Staff

Jenni is an accomplished project professional with a proven track record serving myriad organizations. With formal education specialising in marketing, relational and organizational psychology, they have worked to refine research and data analysis skills, and pursued extensive training in leadership, diversity and conflict management.

Jenni has coordinated scores of large-scale outdoor cultural festivals, leading teams in both health and safety, and logistics, and culminating in executive level capacities. With one of the world’s largest global events companies, they have held appointments in operations and sales for Toronto’s most prominent arts and culture exhibitions, boasting as many as 800 exhibitors and 200,000 guests. An ardent social entrepreneur, Jenni has managed Toronto projects with a licensed electrical contracting startup, cheekily striving to decarbonise the global economy.

Here at CSI, Jenni has coordinated and facilitated innumerable events for community members and external stakeholders alike.

Jenni vibes with sustainability, health and wellness, longevity science, urban exploration, ultralight trekking, Sturm und Drang, hot yoga and happy houseplants.