Joey Jakob

Development Writer & Prospect Researcher

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A curious only child obsessed with good storytelling, Joey listens, thinks, and writes her way through life. Along the way she became a nerd for caring about the world we all make together, eventually winding up in Toronto to pursue a PhD in Communication and Culture. Her CSI journey began in 2017 as a Desk Exchange Community Animator (DECA), and Joey enthusiastically joined the team a few years later as Development Writer and Prospect Researcher. As a member of the Partnerships team, Joey combines her research and writing chops to sleuth and compose opportunities that connect initiatives between us and our partners. Among her other activities, she spends far too much energy grappling with people’s rude public behaviours (why is it so hard to share a sidewalk?!?). Joey also loves problem solving and learning new things, i.e., ask her about how to calm anxious cats (lifehack: it starts with you calming yourself first), which reusable bento lunch box containers are the best (only took 4 weeks of intermittent yet dedicated research to decide), or how to put up removable wallpaper (without fighting with your partner).

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