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Our Team » Marcus Huynh
Marcus Huynh photo

Marcus Huynh

Community Manager

Marcus believes in the power of community as a catalyst for social change.

He has an adventurous mindset, always curious about stories and the experiences that shape our identity. Marcus is deeply drawn to missions that breathe purpose, innovation, impact and integrity — which was what brought him to CSI. It’s not about what you do, but how you do it can change the game!

Marcus comes from a diverse background across industries and roles over a decade (and many more) of experience in building and leading high performance teams, cultivating leaders and building cultures that foster exponential growth. Marcus’ experience ranges from leadership and organisational development, mental health, neuroscience, hospitality management, business development, community engagement, organisational and personal trust, psychological assessment and counselling. As a jumper of many trades and life choices from working as a specialised Psychologist across sectors and organisations, to managing bars and large-scale entertainment venues in Australia, to being a seasoned cocktail mixologist or a fitness fanatic, his work always revolves around people and their environment – the ingredients to foster potential and growth (or the cocktail that will blow people’s minds). 

He’s deeply passionate about movements that help change the world and the power of TED Talks, including his work at TEDxToronto as the Director of Community since 2016: helping transform ideas worth spreading in Toronto and the GTHA through community engagement, programs and strategic community outreach with an incredible team of change makers.

In his personal life, Marcus constantly challenges himself, physically and mentally (and geographically), through health and fitness, personal development and learning new innovative topics. He spends his time in community centres and supporting local missions that serve equitable inclusion of local community groups or biking around the city or in search of the best coffee shop (although he doesn’t drink coffee). He loves to travel with purpose and immersion, sometimes even to space. 

As the Community Animator, Marcus brings his deep passion for people and community building to help connect, engage our members and to support making CSI their chosen home of the Next Economy. Marcus collaborates with our members and DECA animators to enhance the culture, spaces and wellbeing of the community.

Based out of CSI Spadina, Marcus welcomes our members to continue to make change, collaborate and connect in the dynamic CSI ecosystem. He works with members to cultivate and foster member spaces, services and experiences. We hope to see you at one of our community rituals and events or in the kitchens for a coffee (online and offline) that are designed to connect and bring folks together in meaningful ways!