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Our Team » Marvin Farouse
Headshot of Marvin Farouse

Marvin Farouse

Facilities Technician

Marvin started working in construction at the age of 15. His father owned a flooring company and always needed a strong hand to help. Marvin loved the way construction made him feel. He was constantly tested, mentally and physically, yet he always found a way to persevere. He transitioned away from the commercial construction field in 2017 and was given the opportunity to work in the residential building maintenance sector as a Condominium Superintendent. Mechanical systems will always tell you when there is an issue, and Marvin likes using his senses to save cents (and dollars).

Resilience is the ability to withstand or quickly overcome adversity with a toughened mental fortitude; and, Marvin absolutely refuses to just give up no matter how difficult something may seem at first glance. There is always a solution, sometimes you just have to change how you’re approaching the issue. A firm believer in the power of like-minded positive vibrations, Marvin always leaves a trail of optimism behind him wherever he goes.

At the end of the day, Marvin hangs up his tool belt, hangs out with his partner Ada, and picks up that cup of tea that his 3 year old daughter has been brewing all day. When the clangs and bangs of the practical mechanical world tend to become too loud, Marvin seeks refuge within fantasy worlds, MMORPG’s and trading card games. If you see Marvin within the halls don’t hesitate, say hello! He’s as handy as he is polite, you’ll be met with a smile and words of positivity.