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Merve Ceyhan

Merve Ceyhan

Event Staff

Born in Turkey, Merve Ceyhan is a passionate individual with a deep-rooted interest in psychology. Having graduated with a degree in psychology, Merve embarked on an inspiring journey that led them to Canada three years ago through an esteemed education scholarship.

Currently, Merve finds themselves thriving in their role as a bartender at the prestigious CSI. It is here that they have found a perfect blend of their interpersonal skills and their passion for psychology. Drawn to the vision and mission of CSI, Merve wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to contribute to a vibrant and innovative community.

With a natural affinity for creativity and innovation, Merve seamlessly merges their knowledge of psychology with their role as a bartender, creating an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons. They recognize the importance of fostering an environment that nurtures the spirit of exploration and encourages individuals to think outside the box.

Beyond their professional endeavours, Merve is an individual with a zest for life. They find joy in exploring new ideas, engaging in thought-provoking conversations, and immersing themselves in diverse experiences. Their unwavering dedication to personal growth, coupled with their genuine passion for psychology and their work at CSI, make Merve a valued member of the community who continuously inspires those around them.