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Michelle Stuart

Island Manager

Michelle Stuart is a Master level Neuro Linguistic Coach and Hypnotherapist, Master level Usui Reiki Practitioner, as well as a Spiritual Mentor and Empowerment guide. She has worked with amazing initiatives such as The Leadership Institute for Black Women, and has had the pleasure of working with some big names in Coaching like Danielle Leslie (the millionaire maker). Michelle sits on the board of Directors at Birthmark Doula Support – holding the seat of Director of Equity Diversity and Inclusion. She was born and raised in Southern Africa (Zimbabwe and Botswana specifically) and as a natural trailblazer, was the first in her family to immigrate to Canada back in 2001.

She has dedicated her entrepreneurial life to making empowerment and mentorship accessible to the people who want and need it, and is the proud creator of the “Radical Empowerment” initiative; the basis of which is – the way we change the world is by holding out one hand to receive support, and the other to offer it!

Michelle currently lives in the heart of Muskoka, on Wasan Island, where she has taken on the role of Island Manager- definitely her dream role where she can put her over 20 years of hospitality experience to good use. Michelle has been a part of the CSI community in many different ways, first as a Community Animator (formerly DECA) then as a member, and CAP2. Michelle also worked in the energy exchange program on Wasan Island before the role she now holds there became available.

When she is not busy breaking the status quo, hosting workshops, coaching or continuing her education and work in the human transformation field- she lets loose with her lovable puppy Wolfred – who you may meet from time to time as he is also the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Michelle’s Coaching Practice – Ellevate Empowerment.

Her superpower – holding space

Her weakness – ginger beer