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Natasha Adu

Natasha Adu

Membership and Business Development Coordinator

Hailing from Northern England you’ll almost never spot Natasha without a ‘cuppa’ (cup of tea) in hand, for herself or someone else; with a background in community kitchens, hospitals and bars, she’s certain making food and drinks for others is one of the best ways to connect.

Tash’s career started as a Student Dietitian, finding that many people were unable to meet their nutrition needs due to a variety of social barriers, such as low household income or lack of cooking facilities. She realised that she wanted to focus on navigating these root causes of malnutrition, as opposed to treating the symptoms, leading her to a Food and Development MA at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). Here she gained more insight into the complexities of food security and began to understand the incredible power of community projects to bring about change; she’s been focused on non-profit work ever since!

Within the workplace, or really any environment, Tash hopes to cultivate spaces that feel safe and inclusive, encouraging everyone to get involved. Having worked with, and supported the needs of, diverse groups, she is sure to act with compassion and consideration first. Tash is constantly seeking the opportunity to learn, regardless of topic, and is grateful for any opportunity to do so that a new connection might bring – something CSI’s amazing network of changemakers provides in bounds! She is certain that her love of community will be key in supporting new and existing CSI members, ensuring they feel heard and their needs met.

Lastly, Tash has a competitive spirit mostly aimed at besting her own achievements, and a love of numbers, both of which she’s keen to apply to sales. This mindset encouraged her to run her first marathon this year (mostly running, some wobbling), and also appears in her love of board games, so be assured she’ll always join you if you’re missing a player! Otherwise, she can be found trying her hand at crafts, watching Studio Ghibli movies or roller skating around the city.