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Our Team » Oksana Belyakov

Oksana Belyakov

Fundraising Specialist

Oksana Belyakov is a Fundraising Specialist at CSI. She brings to the team her over 15 years of fundraising experience and interest in supporting communities, as well as passion for sustainable development and climate action.

Oksana holds Master degrees in Environmental Studies, International Environmental Policy and International Public Policy. Her experience is a mixture of fundraising for charities and nonprofits, project management and operations management for international and national organizations, as well as teaching at universities and conducting professional development workshops for environmental activists and university instructors.

Oksana is passionate about social and environmental causes that bring value, inspire, promote inclusion and kindness. She volunteers for Ukrainian charities supporting humanitarian aid to Ukraine. She also likes spending time outside with her three active kids. She is a fitness enthusiast, belly dancer, has interest in nutrition, books, cooking and traveling.

As a Fundraising Specialist at CSI, Oksana writes grants, supports others with implementing grant projects, leads Fundraising Peer Support Group, provides stewardship and recognition activities. If you are interested in joining a Fundraising Peer Support group or presenting at one of its meetings, please chat with Oksana!